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July 08, 2016

  Josue Julio is an LA based model. His daughter, Elin, is 6.  I am 29 years old and was born in Panama. I moved to Southern California when I was 6 and I've called LA home ever since. Growing up I was a sponsored skater that had dreams of becoming a pro but I fell ill and had a near death experience. After recovering, I had Elin (the babe) but then I quickly realized that her mom wanted me out of the picture. So I battled for time in court and won.  Being a single dad is tough. During the early years I was fortunate enough to have an awesome family and community, which supported me. But one day,...

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July 01, 2016

Thomas is a soldier currently stationed at Ft. Mead. I am 34 years old, born in Florida, yet living in Maryland and Vermont. Married to Jonathan for almost 4 years, but together for more than 10. I'm a soldier in the US Army currently stationed at Ft. Meade, just North of Washington, DC. My life was forever changed on September 18, 2015 with a phone call asking if I wanted to be a father to my just recently adopted daughter. Every father has his story.  This is a small glimpse into Thomas's. 1.  Sometimes, the connection to fatherhood is not immediate. Was it for you?  And if not, was there a moment that you really felt, "Woah. I'm a dad."...

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