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Are Doc Martens Good For Snow?



If you have a knack for wearing nice boots, you must have heard of Doc Martens by now. You might have even worn them at some point in your life. They are pretty comfy and cozy. But have you ever checked out their winter collection? Are Doc Martens good for snow?

In short, yes. Doc Martens boots indeed have a nice enough reputation for providing pretty great service during the harsh winter. They are made of great material and can endure rough conditions for a long time. Also, the military combat design is undoubtedly another plus point.

But hey, you don’t have to take our word for it right off the bat. Let’s find out more about these amazing boots first. And then you can decide whether they’re worth the investment.

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow

Doc Martens Boots: Brief Overview

Before we get into the main debate, let’s find out some important stuff about Doc Martens, shall we? Many may not know this, but Doc Martens actually received quite the backlash when they first launched their collection.

For a silly reason, too. Due to the edgy appearance of the boots, they got labeled as a brand for the emo and goth societies. But that was a long time ago. Nowadays, people are more accepting of everything and not as stereotypical, fortunately. 

And yes, Doc Martens do have a pretty astounding design that may come across as too punk rock-ish for some. The idea of Doc Marten stemmed from the idea of rebellion or individualism. The edgy design of the boots only reflects that idea in a more fulfilling way.

Not only that, these boots have several similarities to military combat boots as well. For instance – the leather build with high-rise counterparts indeed reminds you of the promiscuous military nature. 

However, with Doc Martens, you’ll find a fully laced-up framework, whether it’s knee-high or not. So, they end up meeting somewhere between the restrictive idea of the military and the rebellious idea of rock & roll.

Isn’t that a really great backstory behind the seemingly unimportant pair of boots? We sure do think so! It certainly elevates the status of the Doc Martens boots, knowing that they represent such amazing cultural significance. 

Are Doc Martens Good For Snow?

Now onto today’s main concern – are Doc Martens good for snow? Well, they definitely are! And here’s a plethora of reasons as to why they’re so good for the winter season.

Premium Quality Leather Build

If there’s a single thing good about Doc Martens, it’s the quality of the leather in their boots. Not many can deny that the leather they use is of top-notch quality indeed.

In addition to providing a long-lasting framework and insulation, the leather itself can handle a lot too. Thus, debunking the idea that leather boots are way too fragile and fall apart at the slightest inconvenience.

Well, yes. Provided that you don’t literally drag them through six inches of fire and snow. They aren’t, of course, invincible. But if you manage to take care of them properly, these leather boots can last you for ages. 

Not to mention the incredible fashion sense that they bring into your wardrobe. They didn’t become the embodiment of punk and emo culture for nothing, after all. Wearing them will give you fiery confidence, even in the snow.

Slip-Resistant Surface

Yep. Fashion isn’t the only feature that you’ll get with a pair of Doc Martens boots. They are incredibly practical and great for professional use as well. For instance – the slip-resistant certainly comes in handy when you’re dealing with something in an industrial environment.

Fun fact – they didn’t always include this feature in their boots. It was the by-product of an agenda to make the boots more work-friendly for everyone. Nowadays, they use the world-famous GripTrax™ soles to ensure proper safety for these work boots.

And yes. The idea of this ‘work environment’ certainly extends to snowy regions too. Roads and surfaces get really slippery when snow falls on them. So, by strapping on a pair of Doc Martens boots, you can prevent some unwanted slippage action.

Waterproof Build

Needless to say, your boots will have to deal with freezing water alongside the extremely snowy environment. And that’s where many people raise a serious concern. Because well, Doc Martens boots are kind of known for their unique and fashionable leather build. 

And leather doesn’t really do well with water, do they? So how can these boots not take damage during winter? To answer such concerns, you need to know that Doc Martens have different collections for different regions.

For instance – the standard leather boots for regular use? Yep. They won’t do as good if water is involved. But fret not because Doc Martens also has a separate collection explicitly designed for the winter season.

All the boots in this collection are made with water-resistant leather that can easily tackle the snow. But if you would like to stick to your regular Doc Martens, there’s a solution for that too. Just use an external shoe protector, so the water doesn’t get inside and ruin the leather.

However, as you can imagine, that’s not as practical nor a long-lasting solution. So, it’s just best to invest in a pair of boots from the winter collection instead. Trust us. You’ll love them!

Combat-like Yet Comfy Design

If you have ever worn Doc Martens, you know how rugged they look once you lace ’em up. As a result, many people have the misconception that they aren’t as comfy. But that’s simply not true. They are just as comfortable on the inside as they’re rough and tough on the outside.

In fact, they’re so incredibly comfy that’s this feature ended up becoming one of their defining qualities. The comfortability, embedded with the impeccable fashion sense? Deadly combo indeed.

And that’s all due to the air-cushioned soles that they come with. They hug your feet just perfectly and keeps them all cozy and comfy. Unlike other rough boots, you won’t end up with flush-red toes when you take the Doc Martens boots off.

Furthermore, if you’re traveling in the snow, staying warm is another concern that you’ll have to deal with. Fortunately, the cushioned soles help a little out with that too. Not to mention the fact that leather boots are already much warmer than normal boots.

What’s more, is that the winter collection boots will provide you with a few extra layers. They will come with extra linings made of fur and fleece. And don’t worry, it’s all faux material, so no animals were harmed for these boots.

All in all, the extra fur linings with premium quality leather? What more do you need to keep yourself warm in snowy conditions? Add a pair of wool socks to the mix, and you’ll practically not even feel the cold out there.

Doc Martens Boots That Can Tackle The Snow

Well, you already know that Doc Martens has specific winter collection boots to tackle the snow. Let’s find out a little more about them.


You should definitely keep some boots from the WarmWair collection since they’re a must-have for the winter season. Winter boots can most often end up adding too many features. And that can make them a bit troublesome for regular usage.

Sometimes, you just need something light but warm enough to keep your feet cozy in the winter. And that’s precisely what you will achieve with the WarmWair boots. Here’s a brief overview of some of their features:

  • Slimmer boots lined with fleece only and no extra layers of fur or fur linings
  • Comes with water-resistant leather and takes less damage in harsh and deep snow
  • Full insulation even with slimmer boots to keep your feet warm and snugly


As the name suggests, WinterGrip is the toughest one out of the bunch. Just how WarmWair boots are made for regular winter, WinterGrip goes after the rougher side of it.

So, if there’s a blizzard coming, these are the boots that you should go for. Here’s what you’ll get from them:

  • Can deal with super thick ice and makes movement easier
  • Extremely advanced traction mechanism that helps to keep your balance on a slippery slope
  • The bottoms feature grooved cleats that can ensure great grip on the surfaces
  • Made with special leather that’s not only water-resistant but also resistant against both grit and salt
  • Must-have pairs for immaculate adventurers


Finally, DryWair completes the set for Doc Martens winter collection boots. While both WarmWair and WinterGrip focus on the snowy prospects of the season, DryWair focuses on the freezing water.

Even faux linings can become extremely uncomfortable if water manages to get inside the boots. So, to deal with that, DryWair features:

  • Enhanced water-resistant leather that’s both rich and oily to make sure nothing sticks
  • Fully closed-off interior design to keep the water from getting inside
  • Double-sealed framework for extra protection


So, are Doc Martens good for snow? By now, you know that the answer is most definitely, yes. Especially if you invest in a great new pair of boots from their winter collection. Comfy design with loads of features – that’s what sets these boots apart from the rest.

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