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Are Running Shoes Good For Everyday Use? Don’t fall prey!



If you have a good pair of comfortable running shoes, have this thought appeared in your mind to wear them every day, even for walking? If yes, then you are not alone! We have got multiple questions from readers if they can wear their running shoes on a daily basis or not. So today, we will give a brief on that! 

So, are running shoes good for everyday use? To answer quickly, running shoes are specifically meant for running. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot wear them for your daily walks. You can, but there are specific types of running shoes that you need to avoid for your everyday use. Besides, the shoes you choose to use on a regular basis need to be lightweight, well-cushioning, and flexible.

However, there are certain aspects that you should know before you jump to the conclusion of using your running shoes daily, now, we are going to share every information in this regard. Let’s get started! 


Are Running Shoes Good For Everyday Use

Are Running Shoes Good For Everyday Use?

As we confirmed above, you can wear your running shoes regularly only if they meet a few criteria. Otherwise, you will wear them soon and it will result in ruining your shoes. Besides, as your shoes for daily wear are different from your wear on running shoes, therefore the differences will trouble you unless you make a wise decision by checking up the criteria.

As running shoes provide less shock absorption and arch support, you might hurt your feet or even injure them if you try to use them daily. But if your running shoes specifically meet these demands, you can totally go for using them daily. 

Running shoes are made lightweight with better stability, including extra cushioning for comfort. And your daily walk shoes need to be of proper weight for maintaining stability while walking as your concern is not a fast movement while you are walking.

Besides, your daily walking shoes need to be comfortable, breathable with good arch flexibility. Running shoes are flexible, but during your run, you need more flexibility in your midfoot or arch so the shoes are built in a way to provide that. 

However, after considering the weight, flexibility, and proper arch support, you can totally think of running shoes for everyday use. Still, do not use the running shoes daily if you don’t feel comfortable while walking. But you should stop using running shoes for your daily walk if you feel any soreness in your feet heel. Otherwise, you are good to go! 

Is It Okay To Wear Running Shoes Casually?

Wearing running shoes casually won’t bring that much harm as long as you are concerned about your comfort. So there is nothing wrong with that. You can wear your running shoes casually as long as they don’t hurt or sore your feet and give you proper support while walking. 

Even though running shoes do not go well with people’s daily outfits, unless the design bothers you, wearing your daily running shoe casually is fine. So if you have an old pair of running shoes at home, you can wear that for walking daily. However, in the case of new shoes, casual usage may wear them out a bit earlier than you would contrarily.

So, when you ask, are running shoes good for everyday use, we must say that it is not a problem unless you care about the durability of your shoe and also unless you get foot soreness. Besides, running shoes are quite high in price so you might not want to ruin those promptly. 

Another thing that you can do is, you can pick from running shoes for everyday use. There are several options for daily running shoes that you can wear on a daily basis. Choosing your shoe from the best running shoes for everyday use will serve both your purposes at the same time- running and walking! 

Running Shoes That You Shouldn’t Wear Every Day:

Even though it is alright to wear running shoes for walking, there are certain types of running shoes that you should avoid wearing if you want to wear them for a daily walk. Here are those: 

  • Training shoes: training shoes are specially built for running, weightlifting, and jumping. These shoes contain less arch support. So if you want to walk in these shoes regularly, pretty soon you are going to suffer from foot fatigue, back pain, and lower back soreness. Moreover, the trail shoes will lose their grip promptly if you start to use these running shoes daily. 
  • Lightweight running shoes: the shoes of your regular walk need to maintain a good weight balance because they need to provide you stability while walking. Without balance and stability, you won’t feel comfortable while walking. 

Also, it will not help you to maintain a good posture. Lightweight running shoes are very lightweight to give you a fast pace while running, which you do not need while walking. Therefore, it’s better to avoid lightweight running shoes for using these as your daily walk shoes. 

Can Women Wear Mens Running Shoes For Walking? 

As long as the shoes fit, women can wear any shoes, even if it’s men’s. So, if you ask us, can women wear mens running shoes? The answer is affirmative as long as you are comfortable wearing those. 

Now moving to the walking part, yes, a woman can also walk daily with men’s wear on running shoes. Again to be mentioned, wearing running shoes for walking as your all day shoes is not a problem if it’s okay with your comfort. 

Can I Wear Trail Running Shoes For Everyday Use?

Yes, you totally can! Trail running shoes are versatile enough to wear every day. The same rule that we shared while answering can you wear running shoes everyday is applicable here as well. As long as you feel comfortable while walking, you can wear anything you want! 

How Long Should You Wear Trail Running Shoes?

If you run for 25 miles every week, you should use your trail shoes for about 5 – 6 months. Even if your shoe lasts more than that, it’s better to go for a replacement because over time, the shoes will get worn out and you won’t feel comfortable while walking. Overusing the trail shoes may cause blisters in your feet as well. 

Can You Wear Training Shoes Casually?

It’s better not to use training shoes daily. Training shoes are specifically built for running, jumping, and weight lifting. Therefore, these are slightly different in mechanism than the usual running shoes. So even though when you asked- can you wear running shoes everyday, our answers were affirmative, we cannot say the same for training shoes. 

Training shoes provide less arch support which is a major drawback to using these while walking. Wearing these shoes for walking can hurt your knees, ankles, heel, lower back, and hips and cause feet fatigue as well. So try to avoid wearing these on a daily basis for walking other than running or jumping and weightlifting. 

How Long Do Running Shoes Last If You Wear Them Everyday?

For a regular person, if you use the shoes for running, it will last for up to 8 to 12 months. But if you are an athlete, the running shoes may last less than that. Another fact to be considered is, if you walk daily using running shoes, the life expectancy may lessen more. As daily usage will wear them quickly, it makes the shoes less durable as well. 

What Happens If You Wear The Same Shoes Everyday?

Wearing the same shoes everyday is not that big of a deal. But if you are asking about training shoes, you should not wear those regularly for your walk. But another concern here is that, even if you can wear the same shoes every day, you shouldn’t. Because when you wear the same shoes every day, the shoes won’t have an adequate chance to dry off and they won’t maintain their shape. As a result, the life expectancy of the shoes will get lessened than you expect it to last.

Wrapping Up 

We have reached the end of our discussion of are running shoes good for everyday use. As you already know, we tried to give our best possible investigated answer on can you wear running shoes every day or not. Hopefully, the answers have been entirely fruitful to you. 

As you already know, you can go and wear your running shoes for everyday use, so if you have a pair available that you want to try on, you can totally do that. If you don’t like running and instead prefer to walk to lose weight, your favorite pair of running shoes won’t go in vain anymore. 

So, wear the shoes and style them with your regular outfit as much as you want if you are comfortable walking wearing those! Nobody will stop you!


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