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Asos Shoes Review: 7 Best Alternatives And Why They’re Better



Asos has been winning the customers’ hearts for quite some time. It offers affordable shoes, great design, and variety. However, there are certain limitations of this brand. For instance, it is not conveniently available everywhere. In addition, Asos shoes are also a bit behind in durability.

However, there are a lot of alternatives you can consider. These alternatives overcome the limitations. Keep going through these Asos shoe reviews to learn more about your options.

Why Are Asos Shoes Popular?

There are many varieties in Asos shoes. Even though many users have complained about the quality of Asos shoes, they’re still one of the most popular brands among consumers. Among other reasons, these shoes come at an affordable price range.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for shoes for men or women, work shoes or casual shoes, Asos won’t disappoint. That’s why it has been a go-to brand for many consumers. However, there have been concerns about Aso’s quality reviews. So, indeed, there are better options.

Top 3 Alternatives Of Asos Shoes: Comparison Table

ASICS Gel Venture

Sperry Shoes


Men Women Men Women Men Women
Gel cushioning technology Textile sole Rubber sole PU coated leather and synthetic material Textile synthetics
Comfortable and durable Wet/dry traction High-quality canvas upper Rubber sole
Wide range of variety Vulcanized construction Pillow-soft cushioning Cloudfoam cushioning
Affordable Low-top from arch Casually comfortable Lightweight and flexible
Price Price Price Price Price Price


7 Best Alternative Of Asos Shoes Reviews

We’ve included some of the best shoes conveniently available everywhere that you can use as replacements for Asos shoes. They’re better than Asos quality shoes and offer you more features and options.

1. Asics Gel Venture

One perfect shoe for both men and women is the Asics Gel Venture. It’s affordable in price, comfortable to wear, and features gel cushioning for extended support.

Whether you’re looking for Asos men’s shoes or women’s shoes, a pair of Asics can replace them perfectly in every aspect.

The material is a combination of synthetic and mesh. So, there’s no doubt about the comfort level you’ll get with these shoes. As for the outlook, you can find a wide range of varieties for color and designs. 

Are Asos shoes good?

Asos shoes can’t be identified as budget shoes in terms of physical appearance. However, they’re not so durable. So, if you’re willing to let that slide, then Asos shoes can be good for you.

Why is Asos so cheap?

There has been news about Asos’s bad working conditions, which they believe led to the brand’s cheap shoes.

Does Asos shoes run small?

Asos shoes will fit true to size.

Who Is It Perfect For?

Users who seek comfort over anything else will be mostly benefitted from these pairs at affordable prices. Get the pairs for the highest comfort level and extreme durability here: Asics Men’s Gel-Venture and ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture. 


2. Sperry Shoes

Sperry has stunning versatility if you’re looking for some fashionable shoes. Let’s start with the Women’s Pier View Sneaker. It’s a cotton blend sneaker with a rubber sole that will work excellent as an alternate to Asos slip-on sneakers.

If you’re searching for a shoe with a low-top from the arch shaft, this will be a viable choice for you.

As for men’s shoes, Sperry has a Striper Ii CVO Nautical Sneaker. It’s stylish, comes with removable molded PU footbeds, and can keep your feet comfortable all day long.

In addition, you can also expect a high wet and dry traction from the outsoles of these shoes. So considering a pair of Asos men’s dress shoes, these would be a perfect alternative.

Do Asos shoes run big or small?

Asos shoes are true to size most of the time. However, for more clarity, you can check out the Asos size chart for men and women and the big toe.

Is Asos, a good company?

Asos brand has provided satisfactory service to the consumers for quite some time. However, there have been issues raised about their below-standard working conditions.

Are Asos shoes comfortable?

Even though Asos isn’t big on durability, the brand is popular for style and comfort. So, you can expect Asos shoes to be comfortable.

Who Is It Perfect For?

If you want variety in styles, these shoes from Sperry’s will be a perfect choice for a more clarityertical room. If you have any queries about them, you can check here: Sperry Women’s Pier View Sneaker and Men’s Striper Ii CVO Nautical Sneaker.


3. ElegantPark Bridal Shoes

If you’re in search of an alternative for Asos shoe women or want a pair of bridal shoes, ElegantPark offers some rich collections. These shoes are perfect for any party or wedding ceremony.

ElegantPark Women Closed Toe Heel is one of the perfect choices for your feet. It features a rubber sole and has a beautiful brooch that makes it suitable for shiny occasions.

ElegantPark also has another shoe if you want a bridal pair. They’re comparatively more gorgeous, and the heel measures 4 inches.

You can choose from seven colors to match your outfit. The sparkly crystals are the perfect touch to the heels. 

Are Asos shoes true to size?

Asos shoes are true to size most of the time.

Do Asos jeans run small?

Asos jeans may run a bit larger than usual. But mostly, they’re true to size.

How do I know my Asos size?

You can learn the size by clicking on the product’s size guide button.

Who Is It Perfect For?

ElegantPark is the best choice if you’re on the lookout for some shiny party footwear. However, if you’re intrigued about the ElegantPark shoes, you can know more from here: ElegantPark Closed Toe Heels and ElegantPark Bridal Shoes. Overall, it is not poor quality shoes.


4. Adidas Shoes

Whether you’re considering Asos curve shoes, Asos sneakers men, or Asos espadrilles men, Adidas can replace them all. In addition, there are some amazing shoes available for women too. So, consider getting two of the most popular shoes from Adidas.

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam shoes will surely be on top if a list is made of the best shoes. They’re comfortable with Cloudfoam cushioning, lightweight, flexible, and perfect for running.

On the other hand, Men’s Grand Court Sneaker from Adidas is another name for comfort. They’re court-inspired suede shoes you can enjoy with pillow-soft cushioning.

How do Asos shoes fit?

Even though Asos shoes are true to size, a recent Aso’s shoe sizing review suggests that sizes 10 and 11 run slightly smaller.

How do Asos size 12 shoes fit?

Users have mentioned Asos size 12 shoes to run a bit smaller.

Does Asos offer wide-fit shoes?

The brand has an excellent collection of wide-fit shoes. In addition, Aso’s wide-fit shoe review will certainly catch your eyes with positivity.

Who Is It Perfect For?

Adidas is always a top choice for people who prioritize comfort. If you have more queries about the Adidas shoes, check here: Women’s Cloudfoam Shoes and Adidas Men’s Grand Court Sneakers.


5. LifeStride And Adidas

LifeStride Women’s Suki Pump might be one of the most wanted women’s shoes. But, unfortunately, Aso’s shoe review doesn’t come anywhere near this one.

It features a synthetic sole and looks stunning with any outfit you wear. Besides, you can choose from multiple colors.

On the other hand, Adidas always stays on top after a few months when it comes to men’s shoes. Men’s daily 2.0 sneakers from Adidas can replace any shoes you’re considering.

Along with being aesthetically marvelous, these are also durable. So, if you’re looking for a pair with a rubber outsole and fantastic comfort, this is the pair for you.   

Are Asos heels comfortable?

Even though Asos shoes have some bad reviews about their durability, they have very little competition for comfort.

What do wide-fit shoes mean, Asos?

Shoes that have more room inside fall under this category. People with wide feet can wear these sizes for comfort.

Are Adidas shoes durable?

Adidas shoes are extremely durable along with being stylish and comfortable.

Who Is It Perfect For?

LIfeStride is a great quality for fashionable people, especially for women. Adidas sneakers, on the other hand, are perfect for daily wear. Go here: LifeStride Women’s Suki Pump and Adidas Men’s Daily Sneakers to know more about these shoes.


6. Sketchers Shoes

Sketchers is a very popular name among users for both men and women. For instance, the Skechers Women’s Ultra Flex-Harmonious Sneaker is one of the most comfortable shoes you can get.

It features memory foam to provide you with extra comfort. Besides, it’s lightweight and flexible. The shaft measures low-top from the arch, and it’s made of textile.

Another stunning piece from Sketchers is Men’s Go Walk Slip-On. It features a straightforward design that you can wear any time you want.

Besides, you can choose from different options to match your taste. Much like Asos shoes, Sketchers is also pretty affordable for people on a budget.

Are Asos shoe budget-friendly?

Asos good quality shoes are most popular for providing fashionable shoes at a very affordable price. However, they may not be very durable.

Are Asos shoes durable?

Even though you can get comfort and style with Asos, they’re not very satisfactory for durability.

Is Asos sizing true?

Asos shoes generally fit true to size. However, some users have complained that the shoes run a bit smaller.

Who Is It Perfect For?

If you’re searching for a pair to be durable and flexible at the same time, Sketchers is your go-to brand. If you have any queries about Sketchers shoes, go here: Women’s Ultra Flex-Harmonious Sneaker and Skechers Men’s Go Walk Slip-On.


7. Dream Pairs And Dadawen

Two other excellent alternatives for Asos shoes are Dream Pairs and Dadawen. If you’re searching for a pair of boots for women, Dream Pairs is the brand to go for.

A pair of Mid Calf Boots from Dream Pair can be the perfect companion in winter with all its rich features. The boots are slip-resistant and come with built-in pockets in them. These timeless beauties will surely make you one of the most stylish people.

Dadawen, on the other hand, provides the best oxford dress shoes you need. They’re made of suede leather that offers a perfect fit for your everyday needs.

In addition, if you were considering a pair of Asos dress shoes, these will be perfect for you. Any time you need a casual pair, you can rely on this pair to be extremely comfortable.

What is Asos?

Much like low-cost Shein, Asos is a shopping website. The unique feature of this brand is that it provides stylish products at an affordable price range. However, there are concerns about the brand’s durability.

Are Asos sneakers good?

Even though the sneakers from Asos have great uppers, they don’t have ample cushioning. So, it depends on what features you are looking for in your pair.

Are Asos espadrilles mens comfortable?

Espadrilles for men from Asos are comfortable with a seamless interior. So, if you want a pair to style your outfit and stay comfortable simultaneously, espadrilles are a proper choice.

Who Is It Perfect For?

We recommend going for Dream Pairs for a perfect pair of women’s winter boots. However, if you need a pair of dress shoes, there is no better option than Dadawen. Get them here: Dream Pair Half Calf Women’s Boots and Dadawen Men’s Casual Oxford.


Asos Shoe Review: Buying Guide

What are the things you should remember when buying Asos design shoes? If you’ve decided to go for a pair of Asos shoes, let us walk you through our buying guide to help you make the right decision.

Take The Right Size

There have been complaints about Asos shoes that they sometimes run small. However, that’s not always the case. So, make sure you know your size before getting leather shoes.

Always measure your feet before getting a pair of new shoes. Then, match the measurements with Aso’s shoe sizes.

Keep An Eye Out For Discounts

Asos offers various discount options. Make sure you’re up-to-date with their offers to get the best deals. Most people go with Asos due to the budget-friendly prices. So, make sure that you’re not missing out on anything.

Find Your Favorite Brand

Asos is a shopping website. Apart from their brand, you’ll also find some other brands. Take your time to find the one brand that suits your need. Make sure you’re considering every feature, including price, outlook, and quality.

Prioritize Comfort

Even though Asos shoes have a reputation of being comfortable, make sure you’re going for the right pair. Some shoes are less comfortable than others. Also, if you have wide feet, go for a wide shoe size.

Match Your Pair

Unless you’re getting a pair for specific reasons, make sure the shoes are versatile. That means you have to make sure that the shoes you’re getting can be worn with a wide range of outfits.

However, it’s also essential to keep your specific necessity in mind. For instance, if you’re considering a running shoe, you need a comfortable sole and ample cushioning.


Things To Remember Before Shopping For Asos Shoes

  • Always measure your feet before buying a new pair of shoes.
  • Check the size chart and match it with your feet’ size.
  • Measure your feet at night.
  • Always measure the larger foot.
  • Don’t forget to get a wide size if you have large feet.
  • Stay up-to-date on Asos’s social media to get the best deals.

Final Verdict

Asos shoes have been winning users for a long time. However, there have been complaints about Asos shoe’s quality and durability. The good news is, there are plenty of alternatives available that you can go for.

Nonetheless, if you still wish to go for Asos, make sure you go through Aso’s shoe review before getting a pair. Reviews can reveal Aso’s quality shoe to save you from unfortunate purchases.

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