Zach McDuffie is an world-traveling photograher and entrepreneur. 

I moved to Costa Rica straight out of college with $3000 and a dream, which grew to become the School of the World, a surf/yoga/Spanish/ photography school for travelers + boutique hotel. I went on to become a travel expert in learning vacations and a photographer/ videographer, traveling and learning new things all over the world. I met my wife while working on a pilot for a travel show and we've been inseparable from that first moment. The birth of our daughter inspired my latest project, Sherpapa, which will be a brand that celebrates fatherhood and family adventures. 

Every father has his story.  This is a small glimpse into Zach's.

1.  Sometimes, the connection to fatherhood is not immediate. Was it for you?  And if not, was there a moment that you really felt, "Woah. I'm a dad."

My wife gave birth to our daughter naturally at a birthing center, and I was actually in the water behind her when Taya was born. I was bear hugging them both, so I literally had my whole world in my arms when I cut her umbilical cord. The connection was immediate and intense, and turned me into a lifetime softy for my girls for sure! That being said, I have moments all the time when I look at my daughter and say "whoah, I'm a dad! I can't believe we made that beautiful little person!" 

2.  What has been easier than you thought it would be?  How about harder?

I don't know if the words "parent" and "easy" could ever be used in the same sentence! Haha ... The easy part is the love and laughter, and luckily we get daily doses.... The hard parts are functioning on half the sleep and maintaining the belief that you can be as productive as before with just a fraction of the time. 

3.  What kids book would you read a million times out loud in a row?  What book are you actually have to read a million times out loud in a row?

My daughter loves books. She's in the phase now where she has to turn the pages herself, so a few of the more durable Dr Suess books are the main ones in the rotation (like Mr. Brown Can Moo and the Dr. Suess ABC) She also loves A Camping Spree with Mr Magee. 

4.  What traditions are you excited to carry on with your daughter?

My daughter has already been camping 3 times, not bad for a one year old. Traveling, exploring, and spontaneous beach days are important traditions in our family! I think it helps recharge the batteries and stay strong as a family to share in adventures. 

5.  Being a dad makes me feel _____________________.  

complete! I thought life was good before my daughter was born, but I had no idea how much better it would get with her in it. 

Thank you for the feature you, Zach.  Check out his work on ZplusN, visit him at the School of the World and be sure to follow Sherpapa.

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