Nate Gunn is a producer/director from Salt Lake City.

Dad to Remy and Husband to Tayler. Born and raised in Southern California. Grew up spending most of my time surfing, camping, filming, picture taking, enjoying the outdoors.

Currently my family and I live in a little home near the foot of the mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah. I have a production company working as a commercial producer/director. My wife and I have a couple fun ventures and own a baby wearing Co called WildBird.

Every father has his story.  This is a small glimpse into Nate's.

1.  Sometimes, the connection to fatherhood is not immediate. Was it for you?  And if not, was there a moment that you really felt, "Woah. I'm a dad."

I think what I was feeling is really an unspoken topic. I'd say a lot of new Dads feel the same. When Tayler was pregnant I didn't feel a super strong connection to Remy. I was beyond excited, nervous and I had this idea in my head of what life was going to be like, but I for sure didn't feel that same amount of love that Tayler was feeling. Women are so much more connected with their unborn babies in a physical way.

I think there was a few moments right after Remy was born but I had that real "Woah. I'm a dad" moment like 2 days after Remy had arrived. We had just got home from the hospital that day and Tay was tired and so I had Remy on my chest and he was sleeping. Out of nowhere I just felt this overwhelming sense of love and I seriously broke down. We started laughing because it was so random but in that moment, being home, it just all became so real and I had never really been happier.

2.  What has been easier than you thought it would be?  How about harder?

I had set myself up to think that new baby life was going to be extremely hard so that helped soften the blow haha. The everyday cruising around with a kiddo has been easier then I thought it would have been. Right around the time Remy was born, we were really unhappy with our work lives and so we decided to drop both our jobs just a couple months after he was born. We had some hefty career aspirations and so the hardest part was just balancing work, Remy and our marriage. It was a bit scary, but it's made us stronger because of it and we couldn't be happier with what our future holds.

3.  What kids book would you read a million times out loud in a row?  What book are you actually have to read a million times out loud in a row? How about songs?

A couple buddies of mine have a publishing company called Dreamling, and they produced a book with Chris Burkard that I LOVE. It's called "The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth". I'd read that every night if Remy let me. Unfortunately he's obsessed with the classics. He'll read "Goodnight Moon" on repeat till the lights go out

4.  What traditions are you excited to carry on with your son?

I'm excited to surf with my boys. We were 4 brothers growing up and cruising down to Mexico or wherever and surfing with my Dad are for sure some of my favorite memories.

I hope to influence a tradition of hard work and living a life doing things they're truly passionate about.

5.  Being a dad makes me feel _____________________.  

purpose and meaning.

Huge thank you to Nate for being so open. Please check out his inspiring work on Vimeo and and his amazing Instagram account. His partner Tayler is also super talented and inspiring as well!

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June 06, 2021

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April 30, 2016

It’s so heartwarming to read the words of papas who express their love of their tots. So great to read about creative people who have the courage to follow their passions. Thanks, Tosan!

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