Stuff you actually want for Father's Day

Let's face it, being a dad is awesome. But that doesn't mean you can't take a little credit for your good work.  Check out our American-made guide of Father's day goods.

1. Tosan POP & TOT tees $55 for the set {Matching is the new black.}
2. Nathaniel Russel Skateboard People print $30 {Good art never goes out of style.}
3. Made On The Moon camper hat $52 {It's literally impossible to have two many hats.}
4. Kiriko Katazome Bandana $35 {To mop up all the folks sweating you.}
5. Hello Lucky Father's Day card $5 {Yeah you are.}
6. Workhorse Aromatic Coffee Bitters $26 {To go with all the whiskey you already have.}
7. Barnaby Black Sea Soap $18 {Smelling good is better than smelling bad.}
8. Steel Bison (Sam Larsen) patches $12 {There is always something with a hole in it.}
9. Saturdays NYC Safari Trunks $75 {Animal is the new tropical.}
10. Sunski Madronas $55 {Effortlessly, classically cool.}
11. Norquay Artisan Painted Canoe Paddle $275 {You don't have this. And you need it.}


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