Fatherfood Friday / Mike Quinones

Mike Quinones is creative director from Los Angeles. 

Born in San Clemente and raised in San Diego, I spent my youth surfing, skateboarding, playing soccer and shooting photos. Currently, I spend most my time with my epic son Micah, way-out-of-my-league-wife Amanda, and creatively directing and managing various projects from apparel and brand development, to retail, and even a little bit of food here and there.


Every father has his story.  This is a small glimpse into Mikes's.

1.  Sometimes, the connection to fatherhood is not immediate. Was it for you?  And if not, was there a moment that you really felt, "Woah. I'm a dad."

When Amanda (my wife) told me she was pregnant I instantly felt a change.  Something in between fear and excitement of what was to come.  The connection to fatherhood itself came the second I held our son Micah at the hospital.  Suddenly you realize that this beautiful being from you / of you will be yours for the rest of your life. There is nothing else in this world that gives that sense of responsibility and honor.  Sure, you can get pets, get married, but bringing life into this world is an amazing commitment.

2.  What has been easier than you thought it would be?  How about harder?

My wife and I both work extremely hard in our careers, as most parents do.  Before our son, we had plenty of concerns of how difficult it would be balancing life with a child and our work / careers.  Together we both took a look at where we were at with work goals, and if we were both ok with this new balance we’d have to adapt to, potentially making us take a step back in our careers.  We assumed that this to be a very hard task to balance, however, the second Micah was born there was nothing hard about making that choice.  The decision was simple and an internal mechanism turned on, drawing us to spend as much time as physically possible with our son, putting career goals and work as a secondary thought.  Suddenly, priorities changed and focus’ shifted to family.  Amanda and I are hardworking and I never thought anything besides each other would be able to pull us away from career goals, but Micah completely shifted what our goals should of even been in the first place!

3.  What kids book would you read a million times out loud in a row?  What book are you actually have to read a million times out loud in a row? How about songs?

We certainly have Good Night Gorilla!  Additionally, Brown Bear Brown Bear and any of the “what do you see” books have pages falling out of them they’ve been gone through so many times.  There’s one Micah loves now, something about a Blue Truck going Beep Beep!.

4.  What traditions are you excited to carry on with your son?

The love and appreciation of spending time outdoors, a good strong work ethic, and a respect for the world and God.

5.  Being a dad makes me feel _____________________.  


Thank you for letting us profile you, Mike!  Be sure and check out his rad line ourCaste as well as the awesome Instagram feeds for him and Micah.

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March 31, 2019

I am overjoyed to hear such love,grace and faith in what he says about life.Being a parent is the greatest gift of all.Best wishes for your family. God be with you always.

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Alison Hamilton

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