How to make $10 supermarket flowers look like a million bucks


It’s Mother’s Day. You FOR SURE want to show the mama in your life how appreciated and loved she is. And flowers are a great option! But doesn’t it always seem like you either spend $100 for delivery or try to stick that wonky, stems-too-long grocery store bouquet in a wrong sized vase???

We rounded up some Dad friends, Fort Point supplied the beer, and we showed them how easy it really is to take that $10 store-bought bunch of flowers and make it look you picked them out of a meadow this morning.

Step 1: Buy the flowers. We got a range from good ol Trader Joe’s. Look for a few bigger flowers and then smaller blooms and greenery to fill in.

Step 2: Put them in the vase.

First, what not to do:

Props for getting the flowers but this is not doing them any justice. Instead, cut the stems on an angle (this helps them absorb water more easily and keeps them fresh) so they are just taller than the rim of the vase. Speaking of which, unless you have an amazing stash of vases (which we do not) your best bet is a mason jar. Cheap and they will look waaaaay better than the crystal thing that came with your roses last time.

Step 3: Make your base. Start with your big blooms first. Lean them against the edge of the vase so the stem angles across. Continue to add in the same way so that your stems cross over each other and give it some structure. Spread them out so you don’t have giant clumps of the same thing.


Step 4: Filler. Use smaller flowers and leaves to round out your arrangement. This is a great time to get some levels by leaving some stems longer. That height helps with visual balance. 

/ / E X T R A   B O N U S   T I P / / 

Make sure you clean all the leaves off the part of the stem that will be in the water. They rot and make your flowers go bad faster.

OKAY! It should be looking pretty great now, right??

You’ll probably have leftover stuff so use that to fill out your arrangement more OR if it feels perfect as is, use it for another little bouquet! These are also great for those times you cut something too short by accident.

Or! Our son made this “smell bowl” that works too.

We bought less than $50 of flowers and made 5 bouquets, that mini one, and the smell bowl. Less than $10 and you get a super thoughtful gift. Winning all around!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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May 12, 2018

i love this! i feel like removing cellophane from flowers already increases their beauty x 100 plus all this extra cuteness is really something else. also, as a mom, i’d also happily accept a bouquet of that beer in lieu of flowers.

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