Earth Shapes Wall Hanging

I made a ceramic wall hanging for my son 6 years ago and never got over wanting to make more. Now is the time!

The shapes are based on letters (the hanging in the photo spells M-I-K-I-O). Your kid's name? Your last name? The name of your favorite new Vice President? Or something else! A word or initials or maybe you just like the shapes as symbols! It's all possible. Need help or want something oddly specific? Lets chat!

Limited run of 10 wall hangings before the holidays, to be expanded in the new year. If you need more than 6 symbols, please contact us and we can arrange for it.

A few notes:

  • Your wall hanging will be made of speckled clay (see photo #7 for accurate color). The medallions are approx. 3.5" each.

  • It will come with just ONE driftwood hanger. If you would like a tiered option, please email me

  • I CANNOT guarantee holiday shipping. I will do my very best but am at the mercy of a kiln that is not my own.

  • These are handmade. That's their magic. So yes, there will be inconsistencies but this is the absolute beauty of it all. If you want something cookie cutter perfection, we are probably not your shop.

  • Please refer photo #8 for some of the shapes that we are able to offer. This is raw clay so is not a reflection of what the clay will look like when it's fired.

  • Since this is a custom product, we are unable to do exchanges or refunds. But you're going to love it so don't worry.

Please note your letters in the notes section at check out or email and we will get it all sorted from there.


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