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Do Nike Huaraches Run Small?



Nike Huaraches is one of the most popular pairs offered by Nike. They made their debut in 1991, and a Mexican sandal type inspired the name. 

Huaraches are also known for their different sizing. As you already know, Nike shoes tend to run a bit smaller compared to other brands. Huarache runs even smaller than other models. 

So, if you wish to get a pair of Huarache, it’s better to get half a size up for the perfect fit. However, there is debate among users regarding do Nike Huaraches run small or not.  

Do Nike Huaraches Run Small?

Many users who got their regular Nike size when buying a pair of Huarache had to change the size because they ran small. Huaraches were made to be fitting and provide a snuggly feeling to your feet. That’s one of the reasons why it’s a better idea to go half a size up when buying Huaraches. 

Note that if you get your true size in Huarache, your foot will fit inside the shoe but won’t look the way it’s supposed to. The upper part will be loose more than necessary, resulting in ruining the whole outlook. 

Of course, there are some cases where users claim that Huaraches do not run small and are true to size. But that’s hardly the case. So, it’s better to be on the safe side and buy half a size bigger pair. 

About Nike Huaraches

When Nike first released Huarache in 1991, it instantly became tremendously popular, especially among youngsters. It became a trend in the ’90s, and people have loved the shoes since because of their timeless beauty. 

The advertising tagline they went for was, ‘have you hugged your feet today?’ the line represented what the pair offered, a snuggly and comfortable fit.  

This feature is what led the shoes to run small. They were made to fit tightly and provide a comfortable, snuggly feeling. 

For the same reason, people with wide feet won’t be comfortable with a pair of Huarache. It’s most suitable for people with average or narrow feet.  

One thing you can’t miss about this shoe is its weight. These shoes are incredibly lightweight that makes them most suitable for running. Women’s Nike Huarache in size seven only weighs about 8.3 ounces. So, if you’re looking for a pair to help you with running, Huarache is a perfect choice. 

People who need to stay standing for a prolonged period can also benefit from a pair of Huarache. They stay comfortable around feet to provide a sock-like feeling. For the same reason, this pair doesn’t require you to wear socks with it. 

The next thing you’ll notice is how stylish they are. There are color variations to choose from, so you can easily style them with any casual attire. Even though they’re made for running or standing for an extended period, you can get a pair for your day-to-day life too. 

Huaraches are also very comfortable to wear. They hug your feet, and you can get a snuggly feeling by wearing them. To sum up, a pair of Huarache can get you all the features you’re looking for in a shoe. 

How To Break In Nike Huaraches ?

The traditional way of breaking any shoes is to wear them, walk, jump, and run in them. It can take a while to sit on your foot, but it’s the most effective method you can use. 

There are a few other easy tricks to break in your Huaraches. You can also find the necessary elements near at hand. 


Heat expands leather. So, you can easily use this method to ease your feet into the shoes. As a source of heat, you can use any hairdryer. 

Turn on the hairdryer and blow hot air inside to stretch the leather. You’ll notice rapid results with this method. 


You can insert a spoon inside the shoe to work as an alternative to your feet. You’ll have to press the spoon really hard to make sure it stretches. It’s a lengthy process and takes time to bring results. 

Socks Or Newspapers

Take some newspapers and curl them up. Now, put these inside the shoes and let them stretch the shoes. You can also use damp socks instead of newspapers. 

If you’re using newspapers, make sure they’re dry because damp newspapers can leave stains on the shoe. It’s better to use damp socks to be on the safe side. 

Taking Care Of Your Huaraches

It’s not recommended to wash any of your shoes in the washing machine. However, it’s crucial to keep the shoes clean too. So, try following the instructions below to keep your Huaraches clean without damaging them. 

  • First, clean all the parts, including the outsole, insole, and midsole, using a soft and dry brush. If you don’t have a shoe brush, use an old toothbrush. 
  • Make a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. Remove the laces from the shoe and soak them in the mixture. Use the brush to clean the lace. 
  • Soak the brush the mixture and clean the upper part of the shoe. Also, clean the midsole and outsole. 
  • Now, use a clean and dry cloth to soak the wetness from the shoe. If you still notice any dirt, repeat the process. 
  • After soaking moisture using a dry cloth, air-dry the shoes and the laces at room temperature. Clean the shoes as frequently as necessary to avoid staining them permanently. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How to style Nike Huarache? 

Huaraches come with timeless style, so you won’t have to worry about styling them. Experiment according to your preference and depending on the color you own.

Q. Do Nike Huaraches run small?

Huaraches do run a bit smaller than other Nike shoes. So, get half a size bigger when getting a Huarache pair. For example, if you’re a Nike 7, select a 7.5 size when buying a Huarache pair. 

Q. Are Huaraches comfortable?

Even though they run a bit smaller, they’re highly comfortable in nature. Huaraches come with a snuggly feature to hug your feet and provide a comfortable feeling. 

Q. Are Huaraches waterproof?

Huaraches are made of leather, spandex, textile, thermoplastic, and neoprene. Unlike many other models from Nike, Huaraches are not water-resistant. So, be careful before doing any experiment with them. 

Final Words 

So, do Nike Huaraches run small, or are they true to size? To avoid any hassle of returning your shoe or exchanging it, I recommend buying half a size larger pair. There shouldn’t be any second thoughts about the quality, though. 

Huaraches have been a popular choice since they came to the market. Even today, people of all ages can pull off a pair of Huarache. As long as you’re careful about the sizing, you shouldn’t worry about anything else. 

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