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Do Reebok Shoes Run Small – Which Size Is Your Actual Fit? 



Reebok has a few awesome shoes that blow our minds. But while picking up the shoes, one thing that bothers the most of us is the sizing. Different brands may vary, so it’s hard to tell which size you should pick. 

However, to save time picking your favorite Reebok shoes, we have found the answer: Do Reebok shoes run small? And the answer is, no, these shoes don’t run small. You are blessed because Reebok shoes run true to size. 

Especially for Reebok Classics, these shoes fit true to size, and you won’t need to buy a size bigger or smaller than your actual size. We will look further into more choices and comparisons to other brands for better acknowledgment. So let’s dive into it! 

Do Reebok Shoes Run Small?

No, Reebok shoes run true to size. So you can wear a Reebok of your actual size without hassling to get a small size. If you want to buy a Reebok shoe, you can easily purchase one with your US or EU foot size. 

Like all other shoes, the shoe may seem a little tight after wearing it for the first couple of times. That may lead you to think you got the wrong Reebok shoe size. But that’s not the case. After you wear the shoe for a few while, it will stretch and fit perfectly. 

But another point to mention here is if you have wide feet, you might not get the perfect fit with your actual size as these shoes (other than Reebok classics) run relatively narrow without a wide toe box. So, in that case, if you don’t have a narrow foot, you better pick a size big with a bigger toe box for your convenience. 

Here Is An Overview Of Popular Reebok Shoes And Their Fits: 

  • Reebok classic – here are the most popular Reebok shoes that people admire. These classics run true to size so that you can stick to your actual UK or EU sizing. These shoes tend to stretch; it won’t be an issue even if you have wide feet. 
  • Reebok club c – club c sneakers also run true to size. The club c sneakers are very well cushioned and comfortable at the same time. You can buy these without searching for a big or small one. 
  • Reebok nano x – Reebok nano x runs true to size. But because of the standard width, you might want a size big of the nano x if you have wide feet. The Reebok nano x shoe is perfect to wear in the gym, during your workout, or cross-training as a cross-training shoe, running shoe, or athletic shoe. 
  • Reebok nano x1 – the Reebok nano x1 can offer you a true-to-size fitting. You can get your actual size. It may take some time to stretch and give you the perfect fit, but the aftermath will be remarkable. You will get fantastic foot support as Reebok nano x1 shoes have outstanding cushioning and a comfortable outsole. 
  • Reebok training shoes – if you pick Reebok leather training shoes, you can choose your actual size unless you have a wide foot. A Reebok training shoe can be an incredible addition to your collection when you want to run fast or try rope climbing. 

How Are Reebok Shoe Sizes Measured?

As Reebok shoe sizes run true to size, you can get the right size, which will be perfectly fine. Now, if you don’t know your right size, you can get your size measurement by following a few simple steps. Here’s what to do:

  • First, take white paper and put it on the floor, keeping one side of the paper against your wall.
  • Now you have to stand, placing your feet on the paper. Keep your heel opposed to the wall where one of the paper’s edges is, and don’t move the paper. 
  • Stand still and bend over to mark the paper in the area of your first toe.
  • Now take the paper and compare it to the standard sizing chart. 

How Do You Know What Size Reebok To Get?

Reebok shoes run true to size. So you can get the shoe to your US or EU size. However, if you have wide feet, you must buy a size big if you want a wide toe box. 

How Do Reebok Classic Leather Fit? 

The Reebok classic sizing is true to size. You can get your shoe with your US or EU size. But, thankfully, these leather shoes stretch over time. So even with wide feet, you won’t have to worry about the sizing.

Reebok Size Comparison To Other Popular Brands: 

Now that you know the Reebok shoes are always true to size, you might wonder about the difference in size with other popular brands. Therefore we have briefed it for you.

How Do Reebok Shoes Fit Compared To Adidas?

Adidas shoes usually run bigger than the actual size. So if you are an Adidas brand user, you might need to focus on getting your actual size when you want to buy Reebok shoes. For instance, if you wear 7.5 in Adidas shoes, you should get a half-size smaller shoe while buying Reeboks. 

How Do Reebok Shoes Fit Compared To Nike?

Nike shoes run bigger to size. So you need to buy 0.5 to 1 US size smaller shoes than your Nike shoes when considering buying Reebok shoes for both men’s and women’s shoes.

How Do Reebok Shoes Fit Compared To New Balance?

Both Reebok shoes and New Balance shoes run true to size. So when you are switching from New Balance to Reebok, you can buy the same size without a problem.

How Do Reebok Shoes Fit Compared To Vans?

Here you may face a few complications. Reebok men’s shoes and men’s Vans come in the exact size measurement. But when it comes to women’s Vans, the size is not similar. So if you wear women’s Vans, you might need to get half a size smaller while buying your Reebok women’s shoes. 

Reebok Shoe Size Chart Vs. Nike And Other Shoe Brands

For Men:

Foot length (mm) Reebok Adidas New Balance Vans Nike
270 9 10 9 9 10
280 10 11 10 10 11
290 11 12 11 11 12


For Women:

Foot length (mm) Reebok Adidas New Balance Vans Nike
230 6 6.5 6 6.5 6
240 7 7.5 7 7.5 7
250 8 8.5 8 8.5 8


More About Reebok Shoes To Get You all Covered 

Is Nike bigger than Reebok?

Nike shoes are bigger than actual shoe size measurements. As Reebok shoes run true to size, in that case, Nike shoes are bigger than Reebok.

Do Reebok shoes run small or big?

Reebok shoes don’t run small or big. Reebok shoes are always true to size. So you can peacefully buy your actual US or EU size while buying a pair of Reebok shoes. 

Do Reebok princess shoes run small?

The new changes in Reebok’s sizing indicate that you can’t rely on the actual size in the case of the princess shoes. So, yes, now the Reebok Princess shoes run small. So you need to buy a size bigger than your actual size. 

Do Reebok tennis shoes run big or small?

Reebok tennis shoes always stay true to size, and these shoes are true to size. So you can buy in your regular US or EU size while buying Reebok tennis shoes.

Does Reebok fit true to size?

Yes, Reebok shoes fit true to size. Other than the princess shoes, you can buy the actual size according to your US or EU feet measurement. 

The Takeaway 

By now, you have the answer to your question: do Reebok shoes run small? These shoes are exquisite and classy for both men and women. So you can buy the shoes without the hassle of buying a size smaller or bigger because these shoes run true to size. 

However, if you have wider feet, we suggest getting a size or half size bigger to get a comfortable fit. This is not necessary if you buy Reebok classic fits, as these shoes are stretchable. The classic fits are great for people who have wide feet. 

After everything, make your wise decision and look forward to buying the best Reebok shoe as you like. 

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