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How Long Do Doc Martens Last?



Everyone who has ever used a pair of Doc Martens will give you the same feedback. There is no argument about the quality of Doc Martens. What we’ll talk about today is- how long do Doc Martens last? 

This brand is famous for its longer-lasting footwear. Even though there is no specific time frame of how long a pair of shoes will last, this article aims to give you an idea about what you’re paying for. 

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Doc Martens shoes’ durability. 


How Long Do Doc Martens Last?

Doc Martens shoes have always been highly durable from the start. There was a time when the brand offered a lifetime guarantee for their boots, but not anymore. We’ll get to that later. For now, let’s stick to the current scenario. 

The brand claims that even when you use Doc Martens shoes rigorously, they’ll last from five to seven years without damage. But that’s just their claim. The actual scenario seems to be different. 

You’ll notice that, unlike most products, Doc Martens shoes exceed your expectations and the manufacturer’s claims when it comes to longevity. Users have reported Doc Martens shoes lasting for more than 20 years after using them regularly. 

The reason why Doc Martens are so durable is that they never compromise the quality of the materials. They’ve always used high-class 100% leather for making their shoes, even when the price of leather is constantly increasing. That’s one of the reasons why this brand’s shoe prices are comparatively higher than competitors.

To keep in mind, you need to maintain your leather shoes using the proper way if you wish them to last as long as possible. I’ve included a section further in this article to help you with that. 

What About Doc Marten’s Lifetime Guarantee? 

There was a time when Doc Martens offered its users a lifetime guarantee with a line of shoes. This is because they’re dedicated to making the longest-lasting shoes from the beginning. However, they changed their policy in 2018 by putting a stop to this promise. 

The line that came with a lifetime guarantee was called ‘For Life Range.’ Now, if you buy a pair from Doc Martens, you won’t get a lifetime guarantee. However, if the footwear is damaged and unused, you can return them before the first 30 days run out. 

What Are Doc Martens Good For?

Because of their durability and high-quality materials, Doc Marten shoes are best as work shoes. You can wear them all day long, every day, without damaging them. They can withstand extreme use and make your money’s worth. 

If you need to stand all day, you can go for Doc Martens too. They’re roomy, comfortable, and perfect for long hours

How To Identify Whether A Pair Is Original Or Fake?

Doc Martens’ quality makes them immensely popular among their customers. However, when a brand is this much popular, there are bound to be copied. You’ll be disappointed to know that there are manufacturers who produce low-quality shoes and use Doc Marten’s label to sell them to customers at a reduced price for profit. 

There are specific ways to identify whether the shoe you’re holding is fake or original. For starters, you’ll find an AirWair loop on the back heel. Another huge red flag is the brand name’s spelling. If you notice any spelling mistake on the name, it’s a fake pair. 

The next sign to look for is the shoe base’s yellow stitching, which will be missing on the fake ones. Last but not least, look for the brand’s stamp and cross at the bottom of the shoes to be sure that they’re original.    

How Long Do Doc Martens Last

Maintaining Your Pair Of Doc Martens 

You can stretch the time your Doc Martens pair lasts by maintaining them properly. Not just those, these tips are effective for any leather shoes that are increasing your closet collection. 

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the shoes after each use. This way, any dirt can’t sit permanently on the leather and make it dry. The better you protect the leather, the longer it lasts. 
  • As for thorough cleaning, perform it every three months. Remove all parts and clean them with the proper cleaner. You can use your preferred leather cleaner for the shoe. However, a damp cloth will also work.
  • If you notice that the shoes are dirtier than expected, don’t wait for three months before deep cleaning them. However, if you perform light cleaning after each use, it’s improbable for the shoes to become that dirty. 
  • Conditioning the leather is essential. After wiping the shoes with a damp cloth, wait for them to become dry. Don’t use a dryer. Instead, let them air-dry.

Once they’re entirely dry, apply a good-quality leather conditioner all over the shoe. You can either use a soft fabric or do it with your hands. Let the conditioner sit on the shoes for five minutes, and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. 

Avoid wearing the shoes right away. Leave them overnight before you can wear them again. 

Reasons For Doc Martens Expensive


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are Doc Martens shoes so pricey? 

The brand never compromised the material. Even after the price of high-quality leather increased immensely, they kept the materials consistent with maintaining their quality. Besides the features that come with Doc Martens, like the stitching and structure, the price makes a lot of sense.

That’s why Doc Martens shoes are comparatively expensive than others. However, if you’re asking whether they’re worth it or not, the answer will always be yes. 

Q. Is Doc Martens suitable for standing all day?

Doc Martens are created for withstanding rigorous use, so you can rest assured that you won’t damage your shoes. As for comfort, you get very comfortable cushioning with the boots, and there’s room inside the shoe that keeps your feet cozy. 

So, yes. Doc Martens are very suitable to use when you are standing all day long. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why this brand is so famous for work shoes. 

Q. Are Doc Marten shoes made of genuine leather?

Most Doc Marten shoes are made of the highest-grade Bovine leather. Even though they don’t produce leather, they ensure that the quality is never compromised. For people who don’t wear leather, they sell a line of shoes made with vegan leather. 

Those shoes are made of materials that only look like leather. However, it’s impossible to get confused about whether a pair of shoes is made of leather or not. Unless the label says ‘vegan leather,’ you can be confident that you’re getting the best leather materials. 

Final Words  

Even though there isn’t a strict timeline of how long do Doc Martens Last, you can surely extend the shoe’s life if you’re careful enough. Doc Martens is one of the few brands that offer you more than it promises. 

So, if you’re considering a pair from this brand and concerned about durability, you shouldn’t be. You can second guess your decision based on trend because let’s be honest, Doc Martens isn’t the trendiest brand on the market. But as long as the durability is concerned, only a few can match Doc Martens shoes.

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