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How Many Inches Do Shoes Add? Know The Exact Answer



While getting ready for a special event, we bet you would like everything to be perfect. Where your shoes are all selected, dresses are all set up and you are sure about your look. But what happens when you wear a new shoe and notice that it’s adding quite a lot of height that doesn’t go with your outfit? Well, that can be disappointing. 

To save you from disappointment, we have found out how many inches do shoes add. Whether you are wearing casual sneakers or ballet shoes, you deserve to have an idea of how many inches of height it’s going to add. That’s why we have given it a proper thought and figured everything out for you.

Let’s check out how many inches you can expect from your special type of shoes to add to your outfit! 


How Many Inches Do Shoes Add?

When you want to know your height in shoes, you need to look at the bigger picture. There are several types of shoes that you will get. Depending on the shoe type, the added height will vary. Now we will share how many inches do shoes add depending on different shoe types. Let’s have a look at how much taller do shoes make you:

  • Sneakers: if you want to know how much height do sneakers add- we have to say that it depends on the sneakers type as well. Most sneakers add approximately an inch for men or women. This is the same for high-top sneakers and plimsoll sneakers.
  • Boots: if you are curious about how many inches do shoes add– you may specifically want to know about how much height do boots add. Now boots come in different varieties. As a result, it’s hard to speculate exactly how many inches are added by your boot unless we know the category. 


In the case of women’s fashion boots, they can come with high heels for approx 2-5 inches. But usually, work boots do not increase height by more than 1 inch, and it is the same for both men and women. Some sneakers and workwear-style boots will add anything up to under 2 inches. 

  • Crocs: while knowing how much taller do shoes make you, you cannot avoid crocs. Most people still love the comfort these shoes provide therefore how many inches you will get is a common question. Usually, certain Crocs add from 2 to 5 inches to your height.
  • Running shoes: these are another common type of shoes that you will come along with. The running shoes don’t really make a difference in your height. So if you want to know your height with shoes, running shoes can add as much as half an inch to your height. 
  • Earth shoes: another popular type of shoe are the earth shoes. These shoes can add up to 1-1.5 inches to your height. So if you intend to look taller, these shoes won’t give you a good outcome. 
  • Galoshes: these are a type of rubber shoes that work perfectly on a rainy day. Galoshes do not increase height that much. So you can expect to have about 1-1.5 inches height increase wearing a pair of Galoshes. 
  • Huaraches: these are some of the most common types of shoes that people are curious about when they ask how much taller do shoes make you. If you are someone who doesn’t like too much added height, this is a perfect shot for you. Because these shoes do not add more than 1 inch to your height. 
  • Jika-tabi shoes: this traditional Japanese footwear does not add to your height at all. When you want perfect flat footwear, this is the one to go for! 
  • Moccasins: moccasins can add up to half an inch to your height. When you don’t like added height for more than an inch, this is a perfect shoe for you to grab. 
  • Saddle shoes: here are another type of shoes that can add a good height to your actual height. These shoes add up to 1.5 inches to your height. So when you are asking do shoes make you taller, these shoes certainly do! 
  • Cleats: these shoes add up to an inch or 1.25 inches to your height. Some football cleats come in 5/8-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch lengths as well. So depending on your need, you can pick the shoe you like. 


How Much Height Do Dress Shoes Add?

When you asked how many inches do shoes add, we cannot put the dress shoes aside. Dress shoes are commonly used in many offices around the world. So people who are not that tall can expect to add about an inch and a half wearing these shoes. So with the will to view the world in a better way, if you ask do shoes make you taller– these shoes can make you look taller, even if it’s for a little bit! 


How Much Height Do Cowboy Boots Add?

As an answer to your curiosity- how much does shoes add to height, we cannot ignore the popular cowboy boots. Leave a sigh of relief if you are shorter, cause cowboy boots are real saviors. These shoes can add from a half-inch to nearly two inches of height to your original height. As a result, when you want to know how tall do shoes make you– just to look taller, we would suggest you go for cowboy boots. 


How Many Inches Does Basketball Shoes Add?

While answering your question- how many inches does shoes add, how could we forget about popular basketball shoes? These shoes usually add 1-2 inches in height. So you cannot expect to look a lot taller while using these shoes. But you can increase the height a little bit by wearing basketball shoes- if that’s your intention! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do tennis shoes make you taller?

No, tennis shoes will add up to 1-1.5 inches to your height. That won’t make you look too tall. So if you want to look taller, grabbing a pair of tennis shoes may not work for you. Instead, try getting a pair of cowboy shoes. 


How much height do air force 1 add?

Nike air force 1 is a popular shoe that you may get curious about. These shoes can add 3cm in height. As the style is so amazing, you can wear these shoes in any weather! 


What shoes add the most height?

If you are concerned about this, you are most likely looking for something that will make you look taller. Usually, Nike shoes are built in a way that adds a good many inches to your height. Otherwise, you can also go for dress shoes or cowboy boots if you like more added height. 


What heel height is best for your feet?

If you are a tall woman and you still like to wear heels, a good height will be 1 inch. Wearing 1 inch of the heel is better than wearing a slipper with your date outfit! But as a woman, you literally have plenty of options to pick from. You can easily get 1-6 inches of heels, depending on your needs. 


Wrapping Up 

How many inches do shoes add? This is a tough call thinking of the plenty of shoes out there. But as you have read everything, you already know how much taller do shoes make you because we have explained the different categories. Hopefully, you also got answers to your question: do shoes make you taller or not. 

If you intend to look taller, a cowboy boot or dress shoe will meet your demand. Otherwise, you can go in any of the shoes. Because most of the shoes add approximately.5 to 1 inch of height to your original height. The heel helps to provide better arch support, so you cannot entirely deny that.

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