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How Much Bigger Is A Half Size In Shoes?



Ever wondered how much bigger is a half size in shoes? We all know how crucial the perfect fit is when it comes to shoes. However, if you don’t understand proper measurements in shoes, you may end up with sore feet. 

Don’t worry, I won’t let that happen. This article will entail everything you need to know about half-size shoes. For your convenience, I’ll convert the size in terms you can understand. 

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!


How Much Bigger Is A Half Size In Shoes?

The truth is, half size isn’t as much bigger as we assume. Considering the US shoe sizing system, the difference is 0.5 cm for women’s shoes and 0.4 cm or 0.5 cm for men’s shoes. For example, if a women’s shoe size is 6, it measures 22.5cm, whereas the size 6.5 measures 23 cm. 

However, the equation is not as simple as that. Another example will make it a bit clearer. Let’s say we’re considering men’s size 10. It measures 26.8 in centimeters. If we jump half a size higher, the shoe size will be 10.5, and it’ll measure 27.3 in centimeters. 

In comparison, the difference between men’s sizes 7 and 7.5 is 0.4 centimeters. So, the measurement system is a bit messed up, to be honest. I’ve included two charts below so that you can clarify your confusion. 


Shoe Size Charts

Men’s Shoe Size Chart

US Size Measurement In CM Measurement In Inches UK Size EU Size
7 24.4 9.6 6 40
7.5 24.8 9.75 6.5 40-41
8 25.2 9.9 7 41
8.5 25.7 10.125 7.5 41-42
9 26 10.25 8 42
9.5 26.5 10.4 8.5 42-43
10 26.8 10.6 9 43
10.5 27.3 10.75 9.5 43-44
11 27.8 10.9 10 44
11.5 28.3 11.125 10.5 44-45
12 28.6 11.25 11 45

Women’s Shoe Size Chart

US Size Measurement In CM Measurement In Inches UK Size EU Size
6 22.5 8.75 4 36-37
6.5 23 9 4.5 37
7 23.5 9.25 5 37-38
7.5 23.8 9.375 5.5 38
8 24 9.5 6 38-39
8.5 24.6 9.75 6.5 39
9 25 9.875 7 39-40
9.5 25.4 10 7.5 40
10 25.9 10.2 8 40-41
10.5 26.2 10.35 8.5 41
11 26.7 10.5 9 41-42

Should I Wear Half Size Bigger Shoes?

The answer depends on your purpose. What are you using the shoes for? Going a half size up isn’t really a bad idea if it’s a pair of running shoes

When you run, your feet muscles flex, and it’s always good to have some space inside the shoes. In comparison, I wouldn’t say bigger shoes will be better if it’s a pair of dress shoes. 

Several other things play as determinants when deciding whether you should go for a half size up or not. For example, you’ll notice that not all brands offer you half-size shoes. If you intend to get a pair from a brand with no half-size shoes, should you go up or down?

Go up. You can adjust a small room inside your shoes, but if the shoe doesn’t fit, you can end up with blisters.

How To Find The Right Size?

If you keep a few things in mind, you can quickly determine your size and get the perfect fit. For example, you should always measure your feet before buying a new pair of shoes. 

When I say ‘measure your feet,’ I literally mean measuring your feet using a ruler. Using old shoes to determine your feet size is one of the most common mistakes. Old shoes stretch and change their sizes. 

So, always be confident about the sizing. Stand on a piece of paper and outline your feet. Then, use a ruler to measure the length between your longest toe and the heel. Write it down regardless of what unit you used for measurement. However, it’s better to use CM because you’ll find this unit on all charts.

Make sure you measure your larger foot. If you didn’t already know, both our feet aren’t the same size. The next step is to compare the size with your preferred brand’s sizing chart and determine your size. 

The USA Shoe Sizing Method

The shoe sizing method in America varies a lot. For instance, the measurements for men and women are different in shoes. Men’s shoes are wider when compared to women’s shoes. 

You’ll notice different sizing charts for men and women in America. The sizes of shoes American companies make are almost fixed. The size for men usually wonders somewhere between six and sixteen. In comparison, women’s shoe sizes vary between four to twelve.

As for width, you’ll find four width options in American sizing- narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide. People with wider feet will be more suitable for these sizes. Note that the width doesn’t compulsory change the length of the shoe. In simpler terms, two pairs of shoes with the same lengths can be different in widths.  

The EU Shoe Sizing Method

Unlike the USA shoe sizing method, this one is comparatively simpler. For instance, there are no separate measurements for men and women. The size seven is applicable for both men’s and women’s shoes.  

However, the width difference exists here too. If a woman is size 30, she will be 30 in both men’s and women’s sizes. So, what’s the difference?

Men’s shoes are comparatively wider. So, if someone has wider feet, they’ll benefit more if they choose a pair of men’s shoes. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much bigger is a half-size in shoes in inches?

If we’re comparing shoe sizes with inch measurements, half-size stands for about 2/3 inches. If we measure this number in mm, it calculates out to be 4.23 mm.  


Q. Should I wear half-size smaller or larger shoes?

If you’re a perfect fit for a half-size shoe, you may either have to go half a size up or down. This is because not all brands will offer you half-size shoes. Now, back to the question about going up or down. It also depends on the brand.

The thing is, different brands follow different sizing methods. In addition, brands have unique shoe shapes that can influence whether you should go up or down. 

The bottom line is, to wear the shoe, walk on the surface, and determine the comfort level. Wearing large or small shoes can end up hurting your feet. 


Q. How to determine your shoe size?

You need to take measurements of your feet in order to find the precise shoe size. Start by outlining your feet on a blank paper. Now, use a measuring tape or a ruler and measure the distance between your longest toe and the heel. 

If you measure the distance in cm, you can easily cross-match it with the shoe sizing chart to determine what size to get. 


Final Words

So, have you gathered all your info regarding how much bigger is a half size in shoes? The shoe sizing methods have always been confusing. However, it’s compulsory to learn the measurement if you’re concerned about getting a pair that fits you perfectly. 

Or else, you’re just someone who can’t get the size right and ends up with sore feet. Avoid assuming your size, and get real when it comes to shoe sizing.

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