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How To Blouse Boots? 4 Methods Elaborately Illustrated!



Blousing a boot is a pretty important skill that should be learned for your more easygoing lifestyle. You may think that blousing is only needed for an army person or military personnel, let us tell you, you will understand the need to blouse your boots when you go hiking, hunting, or even jogging. Because the debris and small insects can irritate your whole journey by getting inside the boots, here blousing helps the most! 

But How to Blouse Boots? Along with the easiest method of blousing the boots using elastic bands, we have figured out three more additional ways here. Blousing doesn’t only add a lot to your comfort, it also adds up to fashion nowadays. Are you afraid that the methods are too difficult to try? Absolutely not! 

Today, we will share things that you need to blouse your boot and the detailed procedures that can be learned in a couple of minutes. Alongside, you will also know the reason behind soldier’s boot blousing, and fashionable aspects of blousing as well. 

So now, let’s stop wasting time and get to know the easiest ways of doing so! 

How To Blouse Boots?

Yes, you have reached the real part now. Our gathered 4 ways are given below, read on and choose your most suitable one! 

An important point to keep in mind: Make sure you are not cutting the circulation of your ankles. It can bring soreness and difficulty in walks later on. 

Way-1: Elastic Bands Are Gonna Be Your Comrade Here!

Among all the ways on How to Blouse Boots, this is the fleetest and easiest way of blousing your boots. Plus, implementing this method requires very few things. Which are:

  • Army or hiking boots
  • Any pant which does not give a tight fit
  • Socks (thick)
  • Elastic band

After collecting these things you may go forward to the steps. The steps are mentioned below: 

  • Step-1: First put your socks on.
  • Step-2: Either slide the elastic blousing band over your feet or tie them around the ankle area of yours. Struggling to find elastic bands that won’t tear up after a while? Here is our personal favorite super stretchable blousing band,click here to get it soon! 
  • Step-3: Now put your pants on.
  • Step-4: Take the bottom area of your pants inside the elastic band.
  • Step-5: The next thing you have to do is fold the rest of the fabric over the blousing band and give that a balloon look. 
  • Step-6: Now pull the fabric down so that you can hide your socks.
  • Step-7: Get your boots on and you are all done with blousing your boots! 

Way-2: Wearing Blousing Strap Inside Your Pants

This method isn’t appropriate for instant outings. Because it requires more time and more fine work. Moreover, wearing the strap inside of the pants is a little bit uncomfortable. But if you tie the straps properly it won’t slip out for sure. However, the method requires a few things. Which are: 

  • Your boots
  • The roomy pants 
  • Elastic blousing straps

Looking for the best working blousing straps? We got lucky and found this strap that saved us a hell of a lot of time with its best quality, to be honest. You can get it from here

Instead of ordering or buying straps, you can make your paracord bracelets as well. Follow these steps mentioned below to get your blousing done:

  • Step-1: First get your pants and socks on as usual.
  • Step-2: Now start tucking the bottom of your pants as much as you can.
  • Step-3: Now pull your pants down and roll the fabric against your leg. 
  • Step-4: Tie the straps on that area of the pants which has been turned inside out. Fold your pants from the inside and tuck the folded part inside the strap.
  • Step-5: Lastly pull your pants back and make the bottom of the pants adjustable. Make a few adjustments and you are good to go!

Way-3: Wearing Battle Dress Uniform Pants

Battle Dress Uniform pants are designed in a way that blousing boots with them are very easy. It is one of the easiest ways to follow. These pants are durable and best for hiking or hunting. You will need a very few things to blouse with these pants:

  • BDU pants
  • Your boots
  • Thickest socks

Here are the steps which will blouse your boots:

  • Step-1: Put your socks and BDU pants on.
  • Step-2: Tie the blousing straps around the ankle area of yours. And wear your boots.
  • Step-3: Make the outer layer of BDU pants decorated on the collar of your boots and you are all done! Easy peasy! Isn’t it? 

Way-4: Having No Bands Isn’t An Issue! 

If you don’t seem to find any blousing straps then you can simply tuck your pants in and get the same result of band blousing. Although it’s an easier option, it isn’t appropriate for hunting or hiking. You can use this method for fashion. However, here is the stuff you will need to do so:

  • Any kind of boots
  • Your pants 

You have to follow these actions mentioned below to blouse your boots without any elastic band:

  • Step-1: Put your pants on.
  • Step-2: Straighten the fabric around your ankle and fold the extra fabric behind your ankle. 
  • Step-3: Get your boots on.
  • Step-4: Lastly slide the bottom of your pants inside your boots and you’re done with blousing your boots. 

Voila! Now you got several ways to act upon your blousing needs. As promised, we will share other information about boot blousing now. Keep on reading! 

Why Should You Blouse Your Boots?

If you are in the military or marines then you can’t help blousing boots. Apart from that, there are many other reasons why you need to blouse boots. Here we have illustrated a few of the most common reasons and necessities: 

  • Blousing your boots keeps your feet protected from dirt, dust, debris, and bugs while you are running or walking. This is the main reason why military personnel gives so importance to blousing boots. 
  • Blousing your boots make your daily movements more comfortable. Furthermore, it gives your pants a balloon shape which looks beautiful and so in fashion. That look fits with casual outfits as well as military uniforms. 
  • Your pants won’t be flapping in the air anymore if you blouse your boots. So you are saved from the flapping irritation and you can move freely without awkward stares at your legs. How comfy does that sound? 
  • Blousing your boots makes your boots loom even finer and unique. For the sake of doing something fashionable instead of wearing the regular boring shoes, you should blouse boots. So even for the sake of fashion, learning how to blouse boots is important. 

Why Do Soldiers Blouse Their Boots? 

Soldiers, military persons, marine persons blouse their boots because of many reasons. Mostly the reason is blousing the pant stops the pant from flapping in the air. Moreover, they do so to keep their boot and pants protected from any kind of dirt, debris, and bug. These reasons include some obscure purposes as well. 

Blousing boots make any kind of high-movement activity easier. You can do those jobs easily and in the shortest possible time if you blouse your boots. It is one of the most valid reasons why soldiers blouse their boots. Moreover, blousing boots make regular movement comfortable. As army personnel has to do a lot of high-movement activities every day, boot blousing makes their movements more effortless. 

Editor’s Note: Can You Wear Steel Toe Boots On A Plane?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do blouse boots mean?

Boot blousing is a technique that is mostly used by the military. It generally requires you to tuck your pants into your boots or use different folding techniques to make it look like your pants are tucked inside your boots. This gives the bottom of your pants a more ballooned finish.  It is also very fashionable as you get to show off your boots without your pants or trousers covering them up. 

Does the army blouse their boots? 

It depends on the soldier. Many soldiers do blouse their boots for the sake of convenience and safety. But many others prefer to leave their hems free. But if you are a soldier, you should blouse your boots, that’s helpful. 

Do boot blouse bands help?

Obviously. Rather than spoiling time on applying different blousing methods, you should get a band for blousing your boots. Moreover, bands are pretty great for going out instantly as that takes a very short moment to complete the whole blousing thing. So if you don’t know how to blouse boots, the bands will save you a lot of time. 

What is the purpose of blousing straps?

Blousing straps work for stopping the cuff of your pants from getting caught on things. It also keeps other bugs out of your boots. That’s why U.S. military battle uniforms include blousing straps. It makes blousing easier. 

Why do marines blouse their boots?  

Marines blouse their boots because of many reasons. The main reason should be they do so to stop their pants from flapping in the air. They also do so to keep their pants clean and away from dirt. Probably some other obscure reasons work as well.

Bottom Line 

Knowing how to Blouse Boots is not a tough job to do. Blousing your pants may be something that you are required to do because you are in the military or you just want to make a fashion statement by doing it. No matter what your reason is, hopefully, our given ways have been able to save your back entirely. 

If you want to know our feedback on the ways, our self-test has spoken that the most effective way is to use blousing straps. We have been using straps and it stays in place for hours after hours. 

You won’t even feel any uncomfortable loose fits or the need to check up after every few whiles. That’s what satisfied us about the straps. Yet you can stick to elastic bands as well. Our favorite bands and straps both are given in the main context, you can purchase those if you feel like. Have a good day!

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