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How To Not Crease Your Shoes – Practical Ways Explained



Shoe crease! Sounds like a nasty nightmare if you are concerned about your perfect style. Nobody wants to make the shoes look creasy and old. But shoe creases are very normal if you use the shoe regularly.

Though it is normal, it doesn’t look good when you wear a creasy shoe. Not only because of the looks, but the creases also can lead to foot complexities as well as pressure around your toes resulting in difficulty in the walk. 

So today, we brought the blissful solutions on how to not crease your shoes. Attempts like picking up the perfect fitted shoes, keeping the shoes away from the water can keep your shoes protected from creases. There are more ways than we have explained elaborately in today’s article. 

So, let’s hop into the details, and later on, we will also share the main reasons behind shoe creases, materialistic crease protectors that you can get for a good outcome, and more pieces of information respectively. 


How To Not Crease Your Shoes? 

Who doesn’t want their shoes to be perfectly nice and fit during a vacation or on a happy journey? But, shoe creases can cause the happy mood to turn into a sad one immediately. So, to prevent these unwanted creases and to make your shoes look forever young and decent, here are some tips and tricks to avoid creases on your shoes:

  • Choose the fittest pair: The size of the shoe pair is a big factor to avoid creases on your shoes. It is because the bigger your shoes are, the more creases you will get in your shoes, as creases start appearing from the toe box and end up damaging the whole shoe eventually. You should check multiple times before buying the shoe pair whether they fit you perfectly or not. 

When the shoe is bigger than your feet, then it starts bending from your toe box when you go for a walk outside or leave the house for a long walk. Regular usage of the big shoe pair will also create creases. This is why selecting the perfect fitting shoe pair is the most important thing to get a long-lasting crease-free shoe pair.

  • Try keeping the shoes dry: wetness always damages shoes, especially the ones made from leather. It is highly recommended to use the pair in a dry condition during the first period of usage. If you try to clean the shoe pair by throwing them directly into the water or making contact with the water first, then you will surely get creases on the shoes and thus end up damaging them. 

You have to keep in mind that water always creates creases in shoes, especially leather ones. And if you need to clean the shoes that much worse, then try cleaning them with a slightly wet cloth instead of using the water directly.

  • Try shoe horns: In most cases, it is seen that creases are caused by the ignorance of the owner while wearing them. Most of the owners wear the shoes by putting a lot of strength in the heels. Thus they end up having heel creases in their shoe pairs. 

If you use a shoe horn to wear the shoes, then you will get to wear them smoothly and without causing heel creases in them. Here is the shoehorn that we have been using for years without any difficulty. It actually protects the heels creases wonderfully.  

  • Avoid regular usage: The more you use the shoes, the more you damage them. Daily usage of any product decreases its durability. This is why you should wear different shoes on different occasions instead of using one pair regularly. 
  • Use socks and pads: shoe pads and socks are meant to soak the sweat and wetness inside of your shoes to avoid stinking. However, they also make the shoes fit in your feet tightly and perfectly, which avoids causing creases in your shoes. So, using a pair of socks or pads in the shoes is indeed a good idea to avoid creases.


What Causes Creases In Shoes?

For shoe lovers, creases are the worst enemies, especially for shoes made of leather. Right down below, we have listed the reasons for you to know the possible reasons that may cause your shoe crease:

  • Big size: If your shoes are bigger than your feet in size, then eventually you will get creases in your shoes as they will bend from the toe box when you walk. This is why before buying, size is the top thing to consider to avoid creases.
  • The material of the shoes: the materials used in the shoes are not so important as the size. But if the materials are bad in quality then it’s likely to damage and create creases in your shoes. The worse the quality is, the more you will get creases if you use the shoes regularly. Some materials are more prone to creases whilst others are less likely to get creases. 
  • Wetness: the use of water also creates creases in the shoes. This is why you should avoid the direct contact of water with the shoes. To clean the shoes, you can use a slightly wet cloth, and dry the shoes as quickly as you can. For better service, you can put them in the sun’s rays sometimes to soak the sweat.
  • Sweat: if you wear the shoes for a long time, your feet will start sweating, which will cause wetness. And as we said above, wetness causes creases. To avoid sweating, you can try wearing socks or shoe pads inside of your shoes. The pads and socks will soak the sweat, and thus you can prevent wetness and creases eventually.
  • Using the same pair of shoes multiple times: By using the same pair again and again, you are not only damaging your shoes but also decreasing their life eventually. This is why you should use different shoes at different times.


Do Crease Protectors Get Rid Of Creases?

Yes, crease protectors or you can say, crease preventers successfully prevent creases in your shoes. You just have to order or buy the protectors for your shoes according to your size and fit them inside your shoes around the toe box and go for the day.

Creases are created when the toe box of your shoe bends down while walking. The creases seriously damage the shoes and eventually destroy them. To prevent creases, the shoes must fit perfectly and tightly in the feet, so that they won’t bend when you go for a walk. In this case, many people prefer crease preventers as the job them is to prevent the shoes from bending and thus avoid creases. 

The crease protectors stick to the toe box and stay in place during the whole time you walk. They make the shoes fit tightly in the feet, which avoids the toe box from bending. And when your toe box doesn’t bend while walking, it gets rid of creases completely, as creases start from the toe box and eventually damage the whole shoe. This is why crease protectors are highly recommended to prevent creases.

For the past few years, we have been blessed with this crease protector. The material, breathable design, price range everything is perfect about this crease protector. You can try this one and forget shoe creases for the rest of your life! 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a crease protector?

Crease protectors are used for preventing creases. They are designed in a way that they fit inside our shoes. They protect the shape of the sneakers as well. Each protector includes two straps for easy placement. They remain in their place even after heavy movements. 


Do shoe crease protectors work?

Obviously, crease protectors work. They prevent creases and protect your shoes in a way that can’t be held by any other products. They are even called the “Holy Grail” of shoe care. They are made with foam which makes them prevent creases all the time. 


Can you fix sneaker creases?

Fixing creases is possible. For doing so you will need a few things- a sock or old fabric, tissue papers will work too, iron and hot water. Now dip the fabric into the hot water and make it damp. Once it’s damp, place that over the crease. That’ll help!



Are creases in shoes bad?

Leather shoe creasing is a bit normal. It might look ugly but that will be seen in a very short amount. But once you start wearing the shoes the creases will increase because of wear and flexes. That is the time when you use crease protectors. 


Do you wear crease protectors while walking?

Wearing crease protectors while walking is quite important to prevent creases because of wear and flexes. You can wear crease protectors while walking if you buy the right size. Otherwise, that won’t feel comfortable. 


Bottom Line 

A shoe crease is a big problem that can ruin the look of your shoes. But now that you know the reasons and ways how to not crease your shoes, hopefully, you will survive all those nasty creases perfectly. 

Ways like choosing the right size and using shoe horns, crease protectors have been very helpful for us. So you can check out the products that have been beneficial to us and give those a try. Both the shoehorn and crease protector that we have shared are incredible in service and quality. 

Last but not least, as you already know the reasons that cause your shoe creases, try to avoid those and you can leave a sigh of relief!


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