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13 interesting shoes & boots questions answers you should know



Why do some Italian restaurants walk guests through the kitchen to be seated? Is it an Italian tradition or one that was made up in America?

It was made in Italy. Italian dining culture is known all over the world. They follow different rules which are considered to be their traditions during dining. One of them is walking them through the kitchen to be seated. It’s an Italian tradition that Italians have been following for decades. 

Mainly, Italians do so because they are lively and passionate, that’s why they like to maintain their traditions and cultures, no matter how ancient the cultures are. Whenever they get to do these traditions right, they feel good.

Why were the walking woman paintings created?

The painting Walking Woman was created by an artist called Michael Snow. The artist made this painting with a specific point of view. He wanted to prove that it is the physical things that make us experience the real experience and don’t let things just remain conceptual.

To mean this Michael Snow said “I really want to make physical things so that the experience is a real experience and not just conceptual.” and introduced us to his remarkable art “Walking Woman”.


Does a shoe help not wrinkle a comforter?

A good shoe obviously will. Any shoe that is made with good materials can prevent the comforter from wrinkling. On the other hand, a bad quality shoe does the opposite. If your shoe has a thick sole to absorb shock and adequately then the shoe will help protect your foot as well as the comforter from wrinkling. 

Moreover, if you have enough space inside the shoe to wiggle your toes freely then that’s a great help for the comforter as well. Your comforter can be saved from being wrinkled with the help of the shoe in that way too. 


Do shoe stores care if you crease their shoes while trying them on?

Obviously, they care but as long as that happens in a normal measure, that isn’t a big deal. For example, leather shoes creasing is completely normal while trying them on. But creasing can get worse sometimes. 

Some shoes crease in a very awful way.  They feel super uncomfortable and look totally unattractive. Sometimes the creasing can make the shoes completely ruined. So you have to be extra cautious if you are trying one of those shoes in the stores.


Can trash bags prevent shoes from creasing?

Having something which can keep the form of the shoe inside the shoe is pretty helpful to save your shoe from creasing. You can purchase shoe trees from 4$ to 5$. But if you don’t wanna lose any money then there’s a better option for you- trash bags! 

Yes, trash bags can prevent the shoes from creasing by keeping the form of the shoe. You can round fold them and put them inside your shoes. The next thing you will find is that your favorite shoes are not creasing anymore. 


Can you switch crease guards from shoe to shoe?

Obviously, you can. Crease guards are not for one-time uses. They can be switched from shoe to shoe as long as the size is the same. Shoes of different sizes can not get help from one crease guard to prevent creases. 

If you want something to be compatible with most of the shoes and can be switched from shoe to shoe of different sizes then go with shoe trees. But if you are going with crease guards then you can only switch them from shoe to shoe if the shoes belong to the same size. 


How do I get rid of creases in US Polo Assn shoes?

Creases in shoes are really a great source of discomfort and they make our fashionable shoes look totally out of fashion. Same as that happens with US Polo Assn shoes. For saving your favorite US Polo Assn shoes from creasing you can purchase shoe trees, they can be purchased in only 4-5 dollars. 

You can also try crease guards. In this case, you just always have to make sure that something inside the shoes keeps the form of the shoes. You can use newspapers, trash bags, and many other things for doing so. 


Why do my pointe shoes get a crease in the vamp?

That can happen if you don’t use any kind of crease guards or shoe trees. Shoes tend to bring creases in the vamp. To prevent them you gotta use something inside the shoes to keep the form of the shoe. If you are not doing that then your pointe shoes will get a crease in the vamp. 


Do I have to break in my new running shoe insoles?

Having properly fitted running shoes is a big flex. If you own properly fitted running shoes that fit your feet properly, then you don’t need to break in your shoe because there are no such requirements. They will start feeling comfortable just after you first run with them. But that doesn’t mean you can keep your shoes outside the box all day long in front of the doors. Keeping them inside the box will help the shoe experience. 

Even if you own a pair of jump shoes, you won’t have to break in your jump shoes as well. As long as they properly fit your feet there is no necessity of breaking in those shoes. The shoes will start feeling comfortable when you wear them for the first time. 


Best basketball shoes for short people for jumping and guarding

Admit it or not, your shoe type puts a lot of impact on your basketball match. If you’re short and you want to break a leg in jumping and guarding then you should get the best shoe. So here are some shoes which will be perfect for short people:

  1. Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoes
  2. Nike Men’s Kobe A.D. NXT Basketball Shoes
  3. Adidas Harden Vol 2 Grey/White Basketball Shoes
  4. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost Basketball Shoe
  5. NIKE Men’s Lebron 16 Basketball Shoes
  6. Adidas Men’s Harden B/E 3 Basketball Shoe
  7. Nike Zoom Kd12 Tb Kevin Durant Basketball Team Shoes


Is the Half Cab Vans Pro a good shoe for jumping down stair sets and gaps?

Many professionals and skaters are flattered by the unique features and durability of Vans Half Cab Pro.  It is a very dependable shoe when doing skate tricks. Actually, it is the most comfortable skate shoe ever. 

Especially the gum bottom of the skate, making it the most incredible shoe ever. That’s what makes this shoe super popular. No matter how roughly you use these, these will always be your most comfortable, reliable, and good-looking skate shoes. 

Hiking: The materials of Half Cab Vans shoes make the shoe super comfortable. That’s why when you go hiking, putting these shoes on you can experience the most reliable, comfortable, and safe adventure ever. 


What is the best athletic and hiking shoes for full foot hard orthotic wearers since the orthotics create the arch needed How does one find the right shoe thanks?

The best shoes for athletes and hiking for full foot hard orthotic wearers should be-

  5. NEW BALANCE 840V4

However, a person can find the right shoe for himself depending on some specific features. But first of all the shoe should come in the right size. Athletic and hiking shoes for full foot hard orthotic wearers since the orthotics create the arch should be stable and come with nice cushioning. Find a shoe that comes with good materials so that you can feel comfortable wearing them. Moreover good quality of materials will bring reliability along with that. 


Are the converse hike shoes actually good for hiking?

No user should worry about the fact that converse hiking shoes won’t be good enough for hiking. They are surprisingly comfortable and made with great quality materials. You will feel super comfortable while going hiking and wearing them. Also, the fitting is impressive as well. They are not too narrow nor bulky. On the other hand, they can tolerate rough uses. So you can use them for a better experience in hiking. 

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