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25 Starbucks Barista Outfits Ideas That Will Impress You 



Starbucks is the most fabulous coffee place on the go; there’s no doubt about it. So if you are working as a barista there, your outfit must fit the idea of the place. Outfits can showcase your professionalism and your dressing sense, including your personality.

Despite following the strict Starbucks dress code 2022, you can still make the outfit worth the style. Today, we will present 27 different Starbucks barista outfits styles to pick on. You will thank us later once you try the outfits; let’s begin! 

25 Starbucks Barista Outfits Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind! 

1. Rock With Short Skirts – Black T-Shirt With A Khaki Skirt 

Black T-Shirt With A Khaki Skirt 


An outfit with a skirt looks super cool for the coffee shops. It adds a look of aesthetics to your style that you can’t ignore. Moreover, short skirts are super trendy now. So you can try wearing a black full-sleeve T-shirt with a short khaki skirt and black stockings. 

According to the Starbucks employee dress code, the skirt can be a maximum of 4 inches above your knees. Add a pair of heels or sneakers with the outfit to make it look more appealing. A black or white shoe will go perfectly with the combination. 


2. Black Is Fav To All – Wear A Plain Black Top With Jeans

Wear A Plain Black Top With Jeans


Another black outfit will seize the day according to the new dress code. Get a plain black T-shirt or top with half sleeves and wear a pair of jeans. The outfit will look complete with flat white sneakers. Just the perfect look for a busy day! 


3. The Classy Style- Basic Ash Pants With White Linen Tops

The Classy Style


If you want to look classy as a Starbucks employee, this is the best outfit. The ash-colored pants combined with the white top seem too good! You can also wear the outfit outside without showcasing that you are a barista. 

The whole outfit will be complete once you combine it with ash or white sneaker. You can check the best shoes for baristas, and the Nike Women’s Low-Top Sneakers will blend best with this classic outfit. 

Note: make sure to wear socks with the outfit as it’s a rule in the Starbucks dress code to wear socks with shoes or sneakers. 


4. Comfort With Style – Black Full-Sleeve T-Shirt With Formal Black Pants 

Black Full-Sleeve T-Shirt With Formal Black Pants 


Black always rules, especially when you are at your workplace. As a barista Starbucks employee, you have to work long hours, so your outfit should be comfortable enough. If you pick this outfit, you will surely get the utmost comfort.  

The idea is to pick a black full sleeve T-shirt, it may have something written on it. Make sure it doesn’t contain too much abstract design or unprofessional patterns against the new dress code for employees. 

You can combine the T-shirt with formal black pants and white sneakers. Nike Women’s Court Legacy sneakers will perfectly suit this outfit. 


5. The Casual Yet Professional Look – Black T-Shirt And Black Jeans 

The Casual Yet Professional Look


A black T-shirt will always rule the baristas. When you want to look stylish and minimalist- which is a must in your workplace as a Barista, this is the outfit. All you need is a black T-shirt and black jeans. 

Wearing minimalist silver-colored jewelry like a simple watch and ear-top will enhance the whole look. You can wear Nike Women’s Sideline IV Cheerleading Shoe to have the most extraordinary combination with this outfit for baristas. 


6. Go All Black – A Plain Black T-Shirt And Formal Pant 

A Plain Black T-Shirt And Formal Pant 


 Black is another definition of smart and professional. So if you wear all black, no one can have a second doubt about your choice. It will look spectacular with the green apron.

Grab a plain black half-sleeved T-shirt and combine it with formal black pants alongside white sneakers. The Women’s Training Walking Shoe will go perfectly with the combination. 


7. White T-Shirt And Faded Gray Jumpsuit – Coolest Choice Ever

White T-Shirt And Faded Gray Jumpsuit


Starbuck’s dress code lookbook allows wearing gray color tops at work. So you can use the chance to wear a gray jumpsuit. The entire look will be super sleek with your apron and a white T-shirt. The color combination goes so well once you add a closed-heel and toe shoe. 


8. Another Classic Black Look – Wear A Black Top With Black Formal Pants And Heels 

Wear A Black Top With Black Formal Pants And Heels 


With fewer color options you can wear in your Starbucks workplace with the green apron, different black outfits can rule the day. Therefore, you can try on this black buttoned top combining it with formal black pants. Besides, add a black closed-toes heel shoe to make it more elegant. 


9. The Jumper Is On-Trend – Wear It With A Black T-Shirt

The Jumper Is On-Trend


The jumper is back on trend again. So why miss out on wearing this in your workplace as a Starbucks worker? You can wear a khaki jumper with a full-sleeve black t-shirt and look elegant. 

A black heel leather shoe will go swiftly with the whole outfit. You can wear Women’s Chunky High Heel Ankle Booties with this outfit. 


10. Another Jumper Idea – Wear It With A Striped T-Shirt. 

Wear It With A Striped T-Shirt. 


Just grab a striped white T-shirt and wear a black jumper with it. As bottom wear, you can pick any pair of jeans, black or regular- make sure the jeans fit you well. Long boots will suit perfectly the whole look of a Starbucks worker. Women’s Viktory Fashion Boot goes a long way for a fashionable boot. 


11. White Shirt And Jeans – Perfection! 

White Shirt And Jeans


During summertime, you need something comfortable and breathable as a Starbucks worker. A white shirt and a pair of jeans will give you a fantastic look and comfort. Moreover, you can wear these with a pair of loafers. Women’s Deana Loafer is an excellent choice to wear with this outfit. 


12. Another Simple Look – A White T-Shirt, Sweater, And Jeans! 

A White T-Shirt, Sweater, And Jeans


We don’t feel like dressing up for work every day. For days like those, this simple outfit will save your back. Grab your white T-shirt and an olive sweater. Use a pair of loose dark wash jeans and a pair of white sneakers. You are all ready to go! 


13. A Turtleneck Can Be Your Savior. 

A Turtleneck Can Be Your Savior


 When you don’t have much time, grab your black turtleneck and a pair of jeans. The footwear can be a heel or a pair of casual shoes. You can wear a simple neckpiece with the top wear to look more elegant. 


14. Male Starbucks Barista Outfits Ideas

Male Starbucks Barista Outfits Ideas


For an all-time handsome look, nothing can beat a formal black shirt. You can wear a white T-shirt under the shirt to make it look more appealing. As the bottom wear, try a pair of dark jeans. 

Combine a leather shoe with the outfit to complete the whole look. You can wear Men’s Dress Shoes Leather Classic Formal Mens with the outfit. 


15. Comfy And Handsome – Black Always Wins! 

Comfy And Handsome


Grab your black full-sleeve T-shirt and wear it with a pair of dark jeans. The whole outfit looks super cool, even though it may sound simple. The classic look will blow your mind once you wear it with a good pair of shoes like Men’s Chelsea Boot


16. The Unique Combination – Navy T-Shirt With Gray Jeans 

Navy T-Shirt With Gray Jeans 


This combination looks super classic, and once you wear it, it will showcase your personality. Grab a full-sleeve navy T-shirt, and wear it with loose-fitted gray colored jeans or dark denim. 

The combination will get a life with the right pair of shoes for the coffee shop. You can go for the cool-looking Unisex 1460 Mono Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots


17. The Whole Black Look – A Piece Of Beauty! 

The Whole Black Look


Get a striped black full-sleeved T-shirt, and combine it with formal black pants. The whole look seems very attractive because of the subtle design of the T-shirt. Besides, once you wear a lace-up boot with the outfit, it will look more appealing. 


18. Netflix Hero Or Barista? Be Both!  

Netflix Hero Or Barista


Get one simple plain black half sleeve T-shirt and a gray coat to wear over the T-shirt. As bottom wear, pick formal pants in a dark color like black or olive. Make sure to wear traditional boots or shoes with the outfit, it will look very modern, and you will thank us later! 


19. Beanie And Shirt – Classic As Always! 

Beanie And Shirt


You can wear a brown shirt and faded black jean. The combination will look sleek if you get a loafer or regular work shoes. The beanie or hats add a classic vibe to the whole look, and luckily Starbucks doesn’t have any restrictions on wearing beanies.  

The Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Sync Oxford can be a perfect shoe collection to wear with this outfit. The price is super reasonable to enhance your whole look with the iconic green apron! 


20. Gray And Black – All-Time Fav 

Gray And Black - All-Time Fav 


Want to look clean and spectacular at the same time? A black full-sleeve can give you a bold look once you pair it with gray skin-fitted jeans. You can wear a pair of brown loafers to brighten up the whole color combination. Besides, wearing a pair of sunglasses with the outfit won’t be too much. 


21. Go All Casual – A T-Shirt And A Pair Of Jeans. 

A T-Shirt And A Pair Of Jeans


Casual looks are the best for summertime to give you the comfort you seek. Grab a gray striped T-shirt with a small abstract design and combine it with faded jeans to get the minimalist look. A sneaker will go perfectly with this outfit idea as you want to go casual. 



22. Polo With Jeans – The Confidence Booster 

Polo With Jeans


If you want a heartthrob look, including your personal style for the day, you can quickly get it with a polo. Use a white polo for this look and wear it with the classic pair of gray jeans. The whole look looks fabulous if you wear it with a simple white sneaker. Wait for the praises! 


23. The Bold Look – Dark-Gray Polo With Jeans 

Dark-Gray Polo With Jeans 


You are mistaken if you think there are not many styling options with polo. A dark-gray polo can go all the way for your day if you pair it with the perfect black jeans. 

Make sure that the jeans look formal and not too fitted. A wise decision while choosing the shoes can seize the whole look. You can go for a simple sneaker in white color. 


24. The Formal Look – White Shirt And Formal Pant 

White Shirt And Formal Pant 


Is it a formal day in the cafe? Go all formal! It is straightforward to create the look if you have a traditional white shirt in your closet. Wear the shirt with formal ash-gray pants and use a belt with it. The standard shoe will complete the whole formal look for you. 


25. Other Formal Clothes Look – Ash And Black Combination. 

Formal Clothes Look


The combination of an ash shirt and formal black pants never goes old. If you want to look stylish and professional simultaneously, this look will hold an impression on you. Just pair a formal gray shirt with black pants, and you are all ready to go. Before that, make sure that you have the amazing Bruno Marc Men’s Dress Loafers to wear with this outfit idea. 


What Kind Of Shoes Should You Wear As A Starbucks Barista? 

Starbucks does not propose many rules when it comes to footwear. But have to ensure that the footwear is closed from the heel and your toes. You can wear any footwear made of leather, imitation leather, rubber, or suede. However, make sure that the shoe is made of water-proof material as that’s a must.

Another thing to remember is to wear socks with shoes. You can also wear hosiery. Black or white shoes will go perfectly with any shoes. 

If you want a quick choice of footwear, here are some unisex work shoes that you can pick and combine with any outfit that you wear: 

1. Pembroke, Unisex Slip Resistant High Top Work Sneaker 

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B081K717G6&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=footinsider 20&language=en USir?t=footinsider 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B081K717G6
Features That Stand Out: 

  • The comfortable and breathable material makes it appealing for working all day long. 
  • Moreover, as it is slip-resistant, you can move here and there comfortably. 
  • On top of that, the shoe looks super cool to go with any outfit that you pick. 
  • Also, the arch support is outstanding in protecting your feet. 

Why Should You Get This? 

Comfort should be your priority while you are working as a Barista. Not only that, the style matters too. We often forget about style seeking comfort as it’s hard to find both in one place. 

However, this one will give you top-notch comfort and a stylish look at the same time. The breathability and durable material also impressed us. 


2. Safety Work Shoes for Men & Women 

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B08FST9YK8&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=footinsider 20&language=en USir?t=footinsider 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B08FST9YK8
Features That Stand Out: 

  • The lowkey casual design will match your casual outfit. 
  • Also, the lightweight and breathable construction are perfect for wearing it all day. 
  • Again, the mechanism is super constructive to look suitable for male and female fashion with a low heel. 
  • Lastly, it has a steel toe and bulletproof kevlar midsole for further protection of your feet in any situation. 

Why Should You Get This? 

The main reason is the casual look of the shoe that goes well with your casual outfit. Above, we suggested many casual outfit ideas for men and women; this shoe will fit those outfits perfectly. Besides, the supreme comfort of this shoe will let you wear this for extended work hours without any discomfort. 


3. Unisex 2976 Slip Resistant Service Boots 

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B000W88UKW&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=footinsider 20&language=en USir?t=footinsider 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B000W88UKW
Features That Stand Out: 

  • The look of this boot is the best idea to combine style with professionalism with enhanced ergonomic comfort. 
  • In addition, the breathability is top-notch compared to other boots, perfect for work hours! 
  • Again, it offers an enhanced grip to give you superior slip resistance. 
  • Lastly, the air-cushioned sole adds up to the utmost comfort of the shoe. 

Why Should You Get This? 

The best part of this shoe is that it offers the unique feature of the AirWair sole that is heat resistant and that you will get up to 300°C. As a result, you will be sweat-free while working, even during summer. The anti-fatigue design and comfortable mechanism speak for all its advantages. 


More To Know About Starbucks Barista Outfits: 

What Should A Starbucks Barista Wear? 

You can wear colors like black, white, khaki, brown, and gray as a Barista. Also, as the bottom wears, you have to wear the pants at least 4 inches above the knees. You cannot wear a long dress that touches the floor. You cannot wear shorts, but they don’t have restrictions on having tattoos. 

The shirt or top should always be ironed and clean. Moreover, you should wear primary colors and plain shirts. If you wear a printed or designed T-shirt, there should not be any bright design or controversial text on the top. 


Can You Wear Your Hair Down As A Starbucks Barista? 

You can keep your hair down but not untied. If you keep your hair in a ponytail or claw, it is acceptable to wear it low. 


Can I Wear Jeans To A Starbucks Interview? 

You shouldn’t wear jeans to an interview as it is considered unprofessional. You should be professionally dressed up in formal shirts and pants combined with formal shoes during an interview. 


Hopefully, You Picked The Outfit Right! 

We are on the edge of our suggestions for Starbucks barista outfits. We have suggested many ideas that are on-trend and will perfectly suit the green apron of Starbucks. However, it’s up to you to pick on the choices that you like most. 

Before you pick the outfit, make sure to match your taste and professionalism with the choice. There are specific dress codes that Starbucks follows, and you should abide by those rules. Moreover, always keep the clothes ironed and clean to look perfect! 

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