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Team Jordans Vs Jordans – What’s The Actual Difference? 



We can’t deny that the casual and stylish Jordan basketball shoes with the athletic approach attract the sneaker lover. But you might often hear about team Jordans alongside Jordans, which is enough to confuse anyone. Even us! 

So, what’s team Jordans vs Jordans? Jordans is the Jordan brand that makes basketball shoes related to the famous player Michael Jordan with Nike. And the team Jordans had players including Ray Allen, Vin Baker, Eddie Jones, and others to make a different branding of Jordan shoes apart from Nike. 

There is a lot of history and insights about the brandings and lineups that can confuse you. So, our today’s exploration will surely help you understand the differences in a better way. 

Team Jordans Vs Jordans: The Insights Of Contrasts

Even if these two lineups sound similar, a fine line is usually hard to understand. However, we have figured it all out for you. 

The Initial Approach: 

Starting from the initiation, the famous basketball player Michael Jordan wanted to start the Jordan Brand by introducing his style into the shoes. He tried to start the brand in collaboration with Adidas, but Adidas passed the offer and couldn’t sign up for it. 

Converse also wanted to collaborate with MJ, but as they already had other front faces like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, MJ didn’t want to get into the list as just another NBA player.

Starting Off With Nike: 

During that period, Nike went through a rough patch to take off with the brand as a company for athletes shoes. Then Nike offered MJ $500,000 a year for the collaboration and introduction of the lineup. 

Although Mike was a little unsure about the offer at first, it was his golden duck at that moment as Adidas couldn’t take the chance. Therefore, he agreed to the proposal and teamed with Nike. Despite being a part of Nike, Jordan had its identity, meaning it was a brand inside another brand.

The Fallout 

However, MJ soon started to dislike that he was only getting a percentage from Nike and not the full recognition as it is a subsidiary of Nike. Then he decided to make a different brand value of the shoes and wanted to introduce the team Jordan. 

The Starting Of Team Jordans

Team Jordans contained a bunch of young athletes with NBA career to take the brand line to a new height. Initially, Ray Allen, Vin Baker, Eddie Jones, Michael Finley, and Derek Anderson started the team Jordan. 

However, the team Jordans idea wasn’t a complete success overnight, and Jordan remained with Nike. The purpose of introducing team Jordan was to make the sneaker more accessible and a different entity. 

Does Michael Jordan Own Jordan Brand?

No, MJ doesn’t own the Jordan brand. But the brand promotes his style and casual athletic shoes. Nike owns the brand as it has had massive popularity since 1997. As the initiator of Jordan shoes, MJ receives a 5% royalty from Nike for each sale of Jordan shoes. 

The brand has many different types of shoes and luxury items. Nike also introduced the Air Jordans lineup. The lineup is updated with Nike’s Air technology in the shoe’s sole. Besides, some of these shoes are worn by MJ himself. 

What Are Air Jordans? 

Phil Knight released Air Jordans as slightly different lineups in his company Nike in April of 1985. The Air Jordans gained enormous popularity within a concise amount of time. Within one month, they sold approximately $70 million valued shoes.

The previous recognition of Jordan shoes impacted the sales. Mainly, the Air Jordans were constructed with the personal touches of MJ, and as of 2016, these shoes have model numbers between 1-30. The reason behind the additional “Air” in the name speaks for Nike’s Air technology in the sole of the shoe.

Jordans vs Air Jordans: The Differences 

Now we will focus on the differences between Jordans and Nike Air Jordans. The main difference is that Jordans is the athletic shoe brand introduced by Michael Jordan and is a subsidiary of Nike. 

On the contrary, Air Jordans is a different lineup but part of Jordans. Air Jordans contain Nike’s Air technology. So basically, Jordans can be known as the parent company that also markets the Air Jordans lineup. 

Nike Air Vs Air Jordan: The differences 

After hearing about Air Jordans, you might be confused about another Nike lineup- which is Nike Air. Now are Nike Air and Nike Air Jordans the same? No, they are not. 

The Air Jordan series is intended to introduce the legendary athletic style of Michael Jordan. But the Air shoes are a series of shoes that contain Nike’s Air technology at the sole of the shoes. The similarities are only that both of these are from Nike and include the same technology. 

Features Nike Air  Nike Air Jordans 
Release Year  1987 1984
Purpose  Casual Usage  Athletic And Casual 
Inspiration  Hip-Hop And Gabber Music  Basketball And Nba Players 
Special Features  Extra Comfort And Cushioning Good Support And Athletic Upsides 
Best Suggested Product  Nike Men’s Air Monarch Iv Cross Trainer Nike Mens Air Jordan 1 Mid Se Basketball Shoe


Top 5 Best Jordan Shoes That You Should Know About 

Jordan shoes are widely recognized for being perfect for athletic people, especially basketball players like Jordan super, Jordan Air, and many more. 

Therefore, we can’t help to share the five best Jordan shoes with you that seemed incredibly worth purchasing for us. Also, you can know about the jordans shoes for wide feet that we have compiled.

Here is the list of our best choices: 

Let’s see what these shoes offer! 

Jordan Air 12 Retro Men’s Shoes

Jordan Air 12 Retro Men's Shoesir?t=footinsider 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B09DB5JYS4

Key Offerings: 

  • The remastered classic design will enhance your whole look.
  • Also, it introduces the Zoom Air cushioning that adds up to the improved comfort.
  • Not only that, the premium materials will surely give you the taste of seasonal refresh.
  • After everything, genuine leather and comfortable fabric are all you will seek. 

Jordan Men’s Air Jordan 1 Mid SE

Jordan Men's Air Jordan 1 Mid SEir?t=footinsider 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08TW9VFYW

Key Offerings: 

  • This signature shoe stands out in terms of look and quality.
  • In addition, this one is introduced in the popular UNC colorways. 
  • Alongside that, the patent leather will offer you extended durability.
  • Lastly, the comfort is top-notch if you are looking for athletic shoes. 


Jordan 1 Mid SE Grey

Jordan 1 Mid SE Greyir?t=footinsider 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B09J43818V

Key Offerings: 

  • The white leather upper looks an incredibly classic choice as a sports shoe for athletic people. 
  • Besides, the colorways and contrast are beautifully designed to meet your expectations.
  • The rubber cupsole can provide enough traction while you are playing. 
  • Also, it has Air-sole heel cushioning to offer heightened comfort. 

Jordan Men’s Air 5 Retro Fire Red

Jordan Men's Air 5 Retro Fire Redir?t=footinsider 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B088K6WJBX

Key Offerings: 

  • This is Michael Jordan’s fifth signature shoe of the Spring 2020 release.
  • Instead of the Jumpman team logo, this one is marketed with the Nike Air branding.
  • Interestingly, the reflective colorways of silver tongue, black midsole, and shark tooth detailing combine very well in this one.
  • Also, the clear mesh panel on the midfoot adds to the comfort.


Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro OG

Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro OGir?t=footinsider 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B079J6GNK4

Key Offerings:

  • The best part of this is the Nike Air landing on the heel.
  • Moreover, the leather construction on top of the sport shoe is a classy Nike thing. 
  • This one is marketed with the Jumpman branding on the shoe.
  • In terms of design, the traditional elephant print is exquisite. 

More Information Gathered For You:

What Does Jordan Shoes Stand For?

Jordan shoes are basketball or athletic shoes initially introduced by the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. Later on, Nike collaborated with Jordan, and they marketed the shoes. With this, Jordan refers to the NBA player Michael Jordan.

How Many Jordans Are There?

Till now, there are 35 different editions in total. The first Air Jordan was released on April 1, 1985.

What Is Jordan Brand About?

This brand is mainly about constructing athletic and basketball shoes inspired by the legendary player Micheal Jordan. However, it has expanded more into different luxury items and lifestyle products- not only shoes. 

Is Jordan a luxury brand?

Yes, to some extent, Jordan is Nike’s luxury brand. If you compare the average price for a regular Nike shoe and a Jordan shoe, you will understand the price difference and why it should be considered a luxury lineup. 

How To Know If Jordan Shoes Are Authentic?

You have to check the logo and words on the box to make sure you bought an authentic Jordan shoe. The shoe style number remains printed on the manufacturer’s label on the original shoes. You have to compare the given style number from your box with the Nike website to ensure the authenticity of your product. 

Does Michael Jordan Own Air Jordan?

No, he doesn’t own Air Jordan, but as the initiator and inspiration of the lineup, he gets 5% of the sales revenue from Nike. Originally, Nike is the owner of the Air Jordan. 

We Are Ending Our Observation Right Here! 

We hope you are happy with our detailed discovery of team Jordans vs Jordans. The differences are not that obvious, but there is a history behind them. Once you know the record, you will get which lineup is different in which way. Hopefully, everything is out in the air in front of you by now. 

So, buy your original Jordans shoe after deciding on your preferred lineup. The best thing about these shoes is the premium quality and brand value. As a result, you will get perfection on your feet.


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