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What Does BG Mean In Shoes?




Many people can get lost in specific terms used in shoes. Even when you often buy shoes on your own, it’s possible to stumble upon a word you haven’t heard before. BG is one of those terms. 

So, if you’re wondering ‘what does BG mean in shoes,’ you’re in luck. Because that’s what we’ll be talking about today. In addition, we’ll learn some more terms you may come across when shopping for shoes.

What Does BG Mean In Shoes?

The abbreviation BG stands for Boys Grade School. It’s a deviation from its original terminology GS, which stands for Grades School. Another deviation of GS is GG, which refers to Girls Grade School

So, those were the full forms of the abbreviations. They refer to small size shoes, mostly for kids. However, there’s no specific age limit to these shoe sizes because adults with small feet can also use these shoes conveniently. 

Relevant Terminologies- TD, PS, BC, Y, C

You’ll also notice other abbreviations like TD, PS, BC, Y, C, etc. It’s better to learn all of them to avoid any confusion altogether. Note that these terms are mainly suitable for Nike shoes, but some refer to other brands too. 

TD in Nike stands for toddler, PS for Preschool, BC for Baby Crib, Y for Youth, and C for Child so, if you find these in sizing charts, no need to get confused. 

You’ll also notice some other words being used in measuring shoes. For example, N stands for narrow, R stands for regular, W denotes wide, and M means medium.  

How To Determine The Correct Shoe Size?

If you’re considering a pair of Nike, always use the size in CM for reference. This applies to all brands. To ensure that the pair is a perfect match for the feet, always measure the feet and use the measurement as a standard for choosing a size. 

Stand against the wall and place a blank piece of paper underneath the larger foot. Make sure that the heel stays attached to the wall. 

Now, outline the foot from the heel to the longest toe. Take a ruler or a measuring tape to measure the length. Make sure to CM as a unit of measurement. 

Now that you’ve got the measurement, it’s time to match it with the sizing chart from Nike. You’ll find the sizing chart below. 

Nike GS Size Chart

The table below states the round numbers of shoe sizes. 

Measurement In CM 21 22 23 23.5 24 25
US GS Size 2Y 3Y 4Y 5Y 6Y 7Y
EU GS Size 33.5 35 36 37.5 38.5 40
UK GS Size 1.5 2.5 3.5 4.5 5.5 6

If your desired size isn’t on the table above, try checking the table below. 

Measurement In CM 20.5 21.5 22.5 23.5 24 24.5
US GS Size 1.5Y 2.5Y 3.5Y 4.5Y 5.5Y 6.5Y
EU GS Size 33 34 35.5 36.5 38 39
UK GS Size 1 2 3 4 5 6

Note that Both Grade School and Men’s shoes are similar in size. To get a clear understanding of the differences between them, read the section below. 

Comparison Between Grade School and Men Shoes From Jordan 

Nike’s Jordan offers both Grade School and Men’s sizing. If we talk about length, there’s no difference between them. A pair of 7Y in Grade School sizing will be the same length as a 7 in Men’s size. 

So, what are the fundamental differences between them? Well, for starters, GS shoes are comparatively narrower. The Y with GS sizes stands for Youth. 

Many users who have narrow feet find themselves comparatively more comfortable in GS shoes than Men shoes. However, width isn’t the only difference between the two. 

If you compare the pricing, you’ll notice that GS shoes come comparatively cheaper than Men shoes. It’s because there are slight differences between materials. 

The materials depend on the model you’re purchasing. Even though Men shoes are better in quality due to their higher prices, many users prefer the materials in GS. They describe the leather to be more comfortable and breathable. 

There can also be other differences, depending on the model. For example, if you compare Jordan 1 Dark Mocha Men with GS, you’ll notice that the GS is comparatively shorter in height, and the ankle area and the outsole are narrower.  

Moving on to the color, the color in Grade School shoes is comparatively lighter, and there’s a significant material difference in the ‘swoosh’ too. 

Which One To Go For? 

People with narrow feet can go for either one depending on their preference. If they’re budget-conscious, Grade School can be a better option for them. Besides, some people want their shoes to be a tight fit, so they don’t prefer a Men’s size. 

However, users with wider feet will not be comfortable in a pair of Grade Schools. So, they should stick to the usual men’s size. 

Even though Boys Grade School shoes are intended for youngsters, there’s no reason for you not to get a pair if they fit you right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Y mean in shoe sizing?

If you ever find a Y beside a shoe size, it stands for Youth. These shoes are comparatively narrower than the standard shoe size, but the length is the same for both most of the time. Note that Y sizes are not only for kids but any user with narrow feet can go for them to feel more comfortable. 

Q. What Does C, M, W, and N Stands for in shoe sizing?

C denotes Child when sizing shoes. As for M, W, and N, they denote Medium, Wide, and Narrow. Another example of using letters for sizing is R, which stands for the word ‘Regular.’ 

Q. What does BG mean in shoes? 

BG in shoes denotes Boys Grade School. Similarly, GG stands for Girls Grade School and GS for Grade School. When you see BG, it’s similar to GS, a term used for sizing shoes for kids and young adults. 

Final Words

Most of the time, different brands can use different letters or symbols to represent an item. So, if you ask, ‘what does BG mean in shoes,’ it means Boys Grade School. Even though other brands can use this term too, it’s mostly used for Nike shoes- Jordan shoes, to be more specific. 

Everyone knows how crucial it is to get the right pair of shoes and match the sizing. Imagine not selecting the perfect size only because you ran into an unfamiliar shoe terminology. Keep yourself updated and learn elaborately about the terms before you can determine which shoe to go for.


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