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Where Are Adidas Shoes Made? [1100+ Factories, 65 Countries]



Everyone knows how famous Adidas is. But the country of production may not be apparent to everyone. Being the second-largest athletic clothing manufacturer in the world, how do they distribute their products? And where are Adidas shoes made? 

Adidas shoes are produced all over the world. They don’t make their shoes in one country and then distribute them all over the world. For instance, they have 337 factories in China alone!

To know more regarding this issue, keep reading further. 

Where Are Adidas Shoes Made

Where Are Adidas Shoes Made?

Adidas have their manufacturing factories all over the world. Let’s start with their origin. The brand was initially launched in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Today, Adidas has 23 factories in Germany. 

So, there isn’t one single answer to where are Adidas shoes made. Multiple countries contribute to producing Adidas shoes. The leading country is China, with 337 factories. 

Other countries in Asia include India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan. Even though Adidas originated in Europe, its manufacturing percentage is now dominated by Asia. Twenty-seven percent of the total factories are situated in China. 

Adidas ensured the best uses of the resources available in China. For example, there is a sufficient supply of raw materials. China is already a popular country for manufacturing shoes, so that creates an advantage too. E-trade in China is another reason why there are so many factories of Adidas there. 

The following country that comes after China is India, with 99 Adidas factories. The significant factor that made this possible may be the availability of labor. There is enough workforce in India for manufacturing Adidas shoes and support 99 factories. 

Besides, India also has enough supply of raw materials required for manufacturing Adidas shoes.  After India, Indonesia is in line. Indonesia is third on the list for the same reason. Raw materials and availability of staffing. 

Did you know that Indonesia was the country to produce the boots used in the 2010 world cup? Indonesia now has 79 manufacturing factories of Adidas and continues to make the finest shoes with the available materials. More than 100,000 workers in the factory situated in Indonesia produce about 75,000 shoe pairs every day. 

Recently, Adidas moved their production units from China to Vietnam, making Vietnam the fourth country on the list. There are now 76 Adidas manufacturing factories in this Asian country. 

However, Adidas also produce their products in the US, Canada, and Japan. 71 Adidas factories are in the United States, whereas the total number of factories in North America is 215. In South America, Brazil is the leading country with 50 Adidas factories. 

The total number is more than 1100, and these factories are spread throughout the world among 65 countries. These countries also include Korea, Cambodia, The Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Laos, Macao, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Singapore, Israel, and Jordan. 

Note that the factories in Russia were drastically reduced between 2008 and 2011. Now, there are only four manufacturing units of Adidas in Russia. 

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What Are Adidas Shoes Made Of?

Adidas use several raw materials to make their shoes. The primary materials are cotton, recycled rubber, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, Tencel, algae-based EVA, and polyurethane.

Note that almost all materials that Adidas uses to produce their shoes are environment-friendly. They’re degradable, and there’s nothing like plastic in their shoe materials. 

The History Of Adidas

Even though most people are aware of Adidas’s history, a few of them still may not know about it. Adolf Dassler launched the company. Initially, Adidas was called Dassler Brothers Shoes. 

The founder’s name has driven the name Adidas. Adolf and his brother Rudolf ran Dassler Brothers Shoes back then. However, there was a personal breach between the brothers, and they separated from each other. 

Eventually, two brothers founded and ran two different companies. Adolf’s company was later named Adidas, whereas Rudolf’s company was named Puma. That’s the history of how a personal breach between two brothers created two incredibly successful companies and changed the industry forever. 

Adidas now offers numerous shoes. They’re not limited to sports shoes anymore. Even though the brand is an athletic clothing-based company, you can find versatile products in Adidas. 

Some Interesting Facts About Adidas

  • Adidas once nearly went to the verge of bankruptcy in the ’90s. The brand made some poor strategic decisions that led to this incident. 
  • The brand was about to be named ‘Addas’ after the split between two brothers. However, there was already a company called Addas, so the owner added another vowel to the name. 
  • Adidas bought the iconic three stripes from another company called Karhu. It cost Adidas $1600 and two whisky bottles. 
  • Adidas first invented shower shoes for players.
  • Former soccer player David Beckham entered into a lifetime deal with Adidas in 2003. Even though Beckham didn’t play since 2003, he’s still an ambassador of the brand. 
  • The brand could have signed Michael Jordan but didn’t.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Adidas eco-friendly? 

Adidas shoes are entirely eco-friendly as they use recycled materials to produce their shoes. The raw materials they use are degradable, and they use no plastic, which makes their product more environment-friendly. 

Q. Are Adidas shoes worth the money?

Adidas shoes have it all. They’re stylish, trendy, comfortable, and eco-friendly. There’s a reason why they’re the number one athletic clothing brand in Europe. So yes, Adidas shoes are worth the money. 

Q. Does Adidas have manufacturing units outside Europe?

Yes, they do. Even though Adidas originated in Germany, they are not limited to Germany anymore. There are more than 1100 manufacturing units of Adidas spread among 65 countries. 

Final Words

There shouldn’t be any confusion left regarding where are Adidas shoes made. The countries with the access to raw materials required for making Adidas shoes have manufacturing units. This distribution of production makes the process more effective and the product more available throughout the country. 

The company came a long way from Dassler Brothers Shoes to today’s Adidas. It’s obvious to have that many production units around the world.  



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